9 Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old

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Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old

Quick Comparison

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
JOHN1. Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm RC Monster Truck  ● 1:15 scale.
● Runs on water.
● Requires 2 AAA batteries.
● 2.4GHz frequency controller. 
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JOHN2. Pretex Pack of 2 Cartoon RC Police Car  ● Includes 2 vehicles.
● 2 removable figures.
● Able to race both at once.
● Police siren and racing sounds.
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JOHN3. Generies Remote Control Car for Toddlers● 1:43 Scale.
● 4 channel driving function.
● Accurate route direction.
● Creative compact appearance.
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JOHN4. Selieve RC Car for Kids● 360-degree spinning.
● Superior quality material.
● 2*AA batteries required.
● 2.4GHz frequency remote control.  
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JOHN5. Refasy Robot Cars for Kids● 2 in 1 design.
● 360-degree turns.
● 2*AA batteries required.
● 1:18 scale deformation car.
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JOHN6. DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Toys RC Cars  ● Automatic brakes.
● Suitable for 2 to 7 years olds.
● Maximum weight capacity- 85 pounds.
● 2 speeds option with reverse function. 
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JOHN7. Jada Toys Disney Mickey Roadster Racer RC Vehicle● Spin function.
● Authentic licensed.
● 2 ways of directions.
● 3*AAA batteries required.
● 27 MHz frequency Radio Control. 
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JOHN8. Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car● 360-degree rotation.
● Safe Antenna design.
● 3*AA batteries required.
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JOHN9.  Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car● 27 MHz remote control.
● 2 buttons functions.
● 5*AA batteries required.
● Best to run on smooth surfaces.
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JOHN10. SLHFPX Toddlers Boys Toys Car● 4 channels to run.
● 4*1.5V AA batteries required.
● 5 different mini cars1/43 Scale.
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JOHN11. NQD Remote Control Car for Toddlers● 2-way controller.
● Control distance: 45-50m.
● 5*AA batteries required.
● 2.4Hz remote control frequency. 
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JOHN12. Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle● 4-way driving functions.
● Requires 6*AA batteries.
● Auto shut/ off function.
● 2 types of parent-controlled speeds. 
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Monster Jam Official Megalodon STORM Remote Control Monster Truck

Monster Jam Official Megalodon STORM RC Monster Truck

Why is it better?
● Tough, powerful & versatile truck.
● The battery lasts for a decent time.
● Offers powerful all-terrain experience.

Let your kid enjoy the all-terrain performance with the Monster Jam Megalodon STORM remote control truck. This toy truck is equipped with a water-resistant design that allows it to attack water effortlessly. With custom conducting tires, Megalodon STORM is excellent at driving on land from water and keep heading.

With incredible speed and power, this super toy truck can handle any terrain nevertheless mud, snow, rocks, grass, and more. You are the controller of the epic Monster Jam action with this full function RC. Operating the Official Megalodon Replica is something like driving the real vehicle.

With the 2.4GHz frequency remote control, kids can control it even from 100 feet away. And, while the RC would need to take back in the range, the controller gives a signal with an out of range sensor beeps. While kids would race a range of terrains, the Megalodon STORM efficiently runs on water, maneuvers on land, and pull off stunts.

The BKT tires, authentic graphics, and other details offer your kid a real-like experience. Kids will now have non-stop entertainment with this USB rechargeable Megalodon STORM RC. This amazing car comes packaged with one controller and one instruction, which makes operating it so simple. Turn your little one’s world into an arena of Monster Jam.

What We Liked
  • Easy to operate.
  • Tough, powerful & versatile truck.
  • The battery lasts for a decent time.
  • Offers powerful all-terrain experience.
  • The controller allows for slow and fast functions.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Batteries aren’t included with the package.

Top 9 Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old (Expert Picks)

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite RC car for 4 year old.

  • Monster Jam Megalodon STORM Monster Truck
  • Pretex Pack Of 2 Cartoon R/C Police And Race Car
  • Generies Remote Control Car For Toddler Boys
  • Selieve 2.4Ghz High-Speed Remote Control Car
  • Refasy Robot Cars Vehicle For 4-Year-Old Kids
  • DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Car For Kids
  • Jada Disney Mickey Roadster Racer RC Vehicle
  • Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car 4 Year Old
  • Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car
Table Of Contents

Reviews Of Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old

Pretex Pack of  2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys

Pretex Pack Of  2 Cartoon R/C Police Car And Race Car Radio Control Toys

Are you wondering how you can introduce your toddlers and young children with RC toys? For your pretty smart 4-year-old toddler, you can grab this colorful pack of 2 cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car. The best features of this beautiful package include removal figures, flashing headlights, honking sounds music, police siren sounds, effortless control system, and able to race both of them at once. 

Due to having different frequencies, children are able to play with them at the same time without any disturbance. Your little kiddo can easily operate them, as they are very simple to control. And, also they come with perfect compact size good for kids’ small hands. All they need is to add 2 pieces of 3AA batteries in this vehicles set.

The Pretex 2 Cartoon Remote Control toy cars set comprises with 2 vehicles with 4 removable plastic little figures. For each car, kids get 2 cartoon figures and placing them into the car, they can hear their particular sirens as well as sounds.

What We Liked
  • Easy to access.
  • Durable and good battery life.
  • Great for little ones who are learning to steer.
  • A perfect introduction with R/C cars for children.
  • Offers realistic sounds and effects while playing with it.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It has only two directions.

Generies Remote Control Car for Toddler Boys

Generies Remote Control Car For Toddler Boys

Whether it is your kids’ birthday or Christmas, gift them this fantasy toy of remote control car. The Generies R/C car stably moves in any direction within seconds. It comes with a sleek designed miniature remote that perfectly fits in your kid’s hands.

Made of high-quality, non-toxic, environment-friendly ABS plastic material, this awesome RC car is very much suitable for your kid’s skin. Since it’s made-of materials are non-irritating, this toy car is absolutely safe for children.

Your kids are allowed to enjoy every thrilling moment of playing with the Generies toy car due to its creative appearance. Kids can easily take this mini body car from one place to another. The remote control system is embedded with 4 channel drive which allows the car to go forward, reverse, and turn right, turn left.

And perfect route direction is guaranteed with the front wheel unit. With an out-and-out arch of the fantastic vehicle body, this car runs well on a flat surface. You can spark your kids’ childhood both indoor and outdoor with this remote control car.

What We Liked
  • Easy to carry.
  • Great battery life.
  • Nicely runs on the grass.
  • Easy and accurate control.
  • Lightweight and compact, durable and safe for kids.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Its’ volume is a bit louder and cannot be reduced.

Selieve Remote Control Car For Kids

Selieve Remote Control Car For Kids

If you are looking good quality within a reasonable budget, then you can pick the Selieve RC car for your 4-year kid. This one is a stunt motorcycle full of functions including forward, reverse, turning left and right, performing drift, and action stunts of 360-degree spinning as well.

Children will have great fun with this. It comes with an attractive design with a sturdy body made of electronic elements and non-toxic plastic materials. They can control this stunt RC car from distance as long as the range of 30m with a 2.4GHz remote control.

Compare to any mini motorcycle’s ordinary remote control, its controller is equipped with anti-jamming technology. So kids can swiftly have motorcycle racing with their other friends. Any kid can take control of this toy motorcycle as the widened tires ensure superb balance.

While playing, the rubber made outer tires ensure better grip, avoid rolling over, and enhance shock absorption. This RC car can run for 90-120 minutes after being fully charged.  You can give this toy bike to your kid without worry.

What We Liked
  • Powerful motor embedded.
  • Made of superior quality material.
  • Ensures powerful balance and grip.
  • Equipped with upgraded technology.
  • Durable and cannot be easily damaged.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The package doesn’t include the 1.5AA batteries.

Refasy Robot Transformation Cars for 4 Year Old Kids

Refasy Robot Transformation Cars For 4 Year Old Kids

Looking for a surprise gift for your 4 year old kids? This Transforming Remote Control Car by Refasy can be one of the best options. With the realistic sound of the engine and attracting lighting, and other interesting features, the Refasy RC offers much enjoyment for car lover kids.

Your kids will be astonished seeing upon this car offering two kinds of playing with one-key deformation. This 2-in-1 transforming robot car just needs one click to get easily deformed from robot to car or another way anywhere and at any time.

Whether in car shape or robot shape, with 4 smooth wheels, this toy car flexibly performs turning of 360 degrees. This vehicle can withstand the use of various barbaric kids as it is fall-resistant and strong. The built-in friendly, anti-drop material and ABS plastic make this robot car enough rigid.

You can easily get it on charge anywhere with a portable USB charger. After fully charged, the battery lasts up to 20 to 30 minutes. This cool designed unique car would be a great gift for your kid on this upcoming Christmas, children’s day, birthday, and other festivals.

What We Liked
  • Easy to operate.
  • Durable and easy to carry.
  • Gives a real racing experience.
  • Easily chargeable and large battery capacity.
  • Offers high-quality performance with passion and speed.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It doesn’t come with a controller 1.5VAA battery.

DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Toys Car For Kids

DEERC Remote Control Take Apart Toys Car For Kids

If you need a toy for your 4 year old kids to have a warm and fun moment indoor, then go through the review of the DEERC Remote Control Take Apart car. This simply assembled and easily controlled toy car is rendering great for a toddler. Designed with 2 figurines, it is up to your kid to invite any of the figurines for driving the car and decorate the city.

It is designed with realistic sounds and lights to make the authentic experience of driving for kids. There are three different types of simulated sound effects through the buttons as well as the remote controller of the car. As the parts and removal screws of the toy are simple to install, you can quickly assemble the vehicle.

For easy installation, there is a snap-fit position made on each screw. While with the DEERC RC car you can teach your kids about the general car parts, at the same time you’re helping them to improve their fine hand coordination and concentration as well. This preschooler engineering toy is one of the suitable surprises to give your gadget-lovers, boys and girls of 4 years.

What We Liked
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Blockbuster toy combination.
  • Lots of functions and surprisingly cheap.
  • Easy to use remote control and awesome fun.
  • Excellent DIY toy car to play with multiple kids.
What We Didn’t Like
  • This truck runs slower on thick carpets than smooth floors.

Jada Toys Disney Mickey Roadster Racer RC Vehicle

Jada Toys Disney Mickey Roadster Racer RC Vehicle

For your little cutie pie’s indoor enjoyment, rev it up with this vibrant packaging gift of Disney Mickey Roadster Racer Remote Control car from Jada. It comes designed with cool red Roadster and easy to access remote allowing the Mickey to spin his way through the entire floor.

The feature of fun spinning lets the car do 360 with only a push of a button. Kids can enjoy controlling this car with an easy functional remote that offers forward and backward action. This authentic licensed remote control car is good for your 4-year-old kids to develop their motor skills.

The car runs at enough slow motion which makes it suitable for your little kid. Whether on smooth surfaces, carpet, on carpet or even out on the driveway, this RC car runs well. This super cute vehicle is completely worth the small cost and your kid will surely love it.

What We Liked
  • Very easy to control the racer.
  • This toy is authentically licensed.
  • Comes within a reasonable price.
  • Simple functional remote controller.
  • Attractive design, adorable, and works fine.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The remote doesn’t work well at long distances while outdoor.

Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car 4 Year Old

Haktoys Remote Control Stunt Car 4 Year Old

Are your kids ready to experience a new level of enjoyment? Then this newest invincible remote control car by Haktoys is going to bring great fun for them. The HAK101 does amazing flips, spiral spins, 360-degree coiling, super wheelies, and more. Your toddler will become others’ awe after mastering this beast. 

The Haktoys RC invincible car features unequalled performance including colourful and bright LED lights, extreme 360 degrees tumbling, spiral spins, 360-degree front axle spins, and translucent wheels light up. This unique toy car comes with a flexible Antenna design that ensures kids’ safety. With music On/ Off switch, you can turn it into quite play.

For the parents who need to buy toys for their 2 kids, they can grab this toy car comes in two particular frequencies and colors. With the multiplayer option, kids can play with 49 MHz frequency enabled Blue car and 40 MHz frequency enabled Red car. Equipped with a high-quality built-in rechargeable battery, this car provides maximum 30 minutes of exciting playtime.

This awesome car from Haktoys is manufactured following to safety certifications from globally recognized laboratories. Additionally, it exceeds CPSIA and ASTM safety standard. After passing Haktoy’s quality measurements, this acrobatic radio-controlled rechargeable car comes in hands of your kids. 

What We Liked
  • Longer playtime.
  • Completely safe for kids.
  • Parent-friendly and offers quite play.
  • Durable and multiplayer function embedded.
  • Comes with a convenient USB charging function.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Charging more than three hours can be harmful to this RC car.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car

For your beautiful little girl, you can pick this Minnie Mouse Roadster remote control car by Disney Junior. This flashy pink polka-dotted will surely be her fast favorite. In the driver seat, you can see one of the most popular characters with kids, Minnie Mouse. Though Minnie is driving the car, all the controls are in your kid’s hands. 

Generally, it runs forward on an adventure, but can also take some amazing whirls while driving. The little 4 year old kiddo can easily operate this vehicle as the remote control function is very simple. With 27 MHz frequency controller, kids take the control of this Disney Junior roadster. This vehicle runs best on smooth terrain.

What We Liked
  • Easy to operate.
  • Good quality car.
  • Very attractive design.
  • Great toy for Minnie Mouse lovers.
  • Cutest thing and well worth the cost.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It doesn’t work on carpet.

SLHFPX Toddlers Boys Remote Control Car

SLHFPX Toddlers Boys Remote Control Car

To meet your toddlers’ diverse and particular favorites, SLHFPX brings 5 different mini RC cars of vivid styles. These cool toys can be perfect gifts for 4 years old boys as well as girls. These outdoors toys are designed with cute appearance and solid and lightweight structure.

As being smaller than an adult’s hands, kids can easily carry them. Toddlers can freely move them forward/reverse, turn right and left with the embedded 4 channels function. To ensure your kids’ happy childhood and to have a good introduction to remote control toy, the SLHFPX mini cars are a good option. Their brilliant colors and attractive shapes will mesmerize your child. 

No chance of being damaged due to falling or collision as they are made of durable and high-quality materials.  These remote control mini cars will help to develop your kids’ sense of hand-eye coordination as well as balance.  No wonder kids will love to drive these amazing toy cars. They are nice looking, sturdy, simple to operate.

What We Liked
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to control.
  • Able to turn flexibly.
  • Quite, durable, and lightweight.
  • Convenient size to hold for toddlers.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not so good on carpet.

NQD Remote Control Car for Toddlers

NQD Remote Control Car For Toddlers

For the loving 4 year old toddlers, NQD bring remote control racing car featuring exciting light, wonderful music, bright colors and funny cartoon look. All these features will keep the precious little one entertained and engaged all day long. Without any sharp corners all around, this racing car is constructed with high-quality ABS plastic material.

Automatic performance mode, cheerful music, easy-to-control system, and attractive lighting- all these make this toy car so much suitable for young children. If it is their first time playing with a remote control toy vehicle, then this one would be great for learning.

The rotating direction of this toy car is much smoother and faster due to the flexible steering wheel. Toddlers will find it easier to control as it comes equipped with only two functions on the remote control. You can relax as there are no sharp corners all-around providing full protection to your baby.

This car gets high-speed due to smooth sleek looking wheels. And, it also adds more fun to playing with gorgeous lights and cheerful music. Kids can watch the show without even controlling the vehicle with its’ automatic performance mode. The simulated realistic sound and interesting music of this toy car enhance toddlers’ imagination power as well as music cells.

What We Liked
  • Easy to control.
  • Sturdy and good quality car.
  • Safe for kids and simple to run.
  • Equipped with lots of features.
  • Cute, stylish, and very much suitable for toddlers.
What We Didn’t Like
  • The battery doesn’t last for longer.

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle For 4 Year Old

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle For 4 Year Old

Let put one of the big excitement of remote control racing cars in your little champ’s hands with the Fisher-Price RC car. It comes equipped with an ergonomically designed style that brings on the thrills of driving down remote control according to the kids’ abilities and size. For their small hands, the directional buttons will fit just right.

They are allowed to move and operate this toy vehicle whether forward, reverse, right and left. Preschoolers can simultaneously drive and turn this racer car by pushing only one button. To break the frustration of monotonous indoor life and accelerate the excitement, the My Easy remote control car is one of the great choices. 

This toy car offers accurate speed for young drivers until they’ve adjusted with the controller. As parents take control of the speed, kids can gradually flip the switch for increasing speed once they master it. Your kids’ fine motor skills are being revved up while pressing the directional buttons and operating the controller. The little minds are learning about cause and effect at the same time through playing with the Fisher-Price My Easy RC car.

What We Liked
  • Easy to operate the remote control.
  • Featured with auto shut-off function.
  • Works great and decent battery life.
  • Constructed with special turn technology.
  • Equipped with two parent-controlled speeds.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Batteries are not included with the package.

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Car For 4-Year-Old

There are so many options available in the market. But how would you decide which one to give your little one? Following the points below, you can get the right remote-control vehicle for your kids-

Childs age

While choosing a remote-control car for your 4 year old, keep in mind their age range. Each remote-control car has recommended age range set by the manufacturer. You can check that on the packaging level.


The battery of a remote-control car for 4 year old kids can be either replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The benefit of replaceable batteries is that kids don’t need to wait for hours to get the car fully charged. You can buy a new pair of batteries to replace the weak ones. However, it is quite costly to maintain non-rechargeable batteries.

Transmitter Frequency

Most of our picked remote control cars for 4 year old in the above list have 2.4 GHz transmitting frequency. This allows your kids to use multiple remote control cars simultaneously without any hindrance. Additionally, they can operate the RC cars within a range of 50-100m from the controller.


Kids love to explore new things. Remote control cars that can run through all terrain types including grass, stairs, beach shores, and the rocky road should be chosen. RC cars with 1:18 to 1:12 scale is enough torque to do better on off-road action.


Speed is one of the essential points to check on before buying an Remote Control car for 4 year old. Generally, you should buy a remote control with an average speed of 5 mph. But, depending on your kids’ ability, you can give them a faster speed embedded car like 12 mph.


As you are buying a remote-control car for your 4-year-old toddler, make sure there are no sharp edges to hurt them on the cars. Additionally, it is made of non-toxic, environment-friendly, healthy materials.

Final Words

Driving a remote-control car is no more limited to adults. With superb advanced technologies, you can get your toddler’s beautiful and interesting RC cars. But, as you’re about to buy RC cars for your 4 years old kids, you should choose it very carefully. All of our best 12 remote control cars are picked following their amazing features and safety standard. We hope that you get the best remote control car for 4 year old following this content.



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