Top 10 Best Tamiya RC Cars For Beginners

What is the best Tamiya RC car? Tamiya is a popular & first established brand for providing high-performing radio control vehicles. Among lots of cars, we are going to share the top 9 best RC car reviews. You will also learn:

  • Top 9 best RC Car reviews
  • How to choose the best RC car
  • And many more!
Top 10 Best Tamiya RC Cars For Beginners

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ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
1. TAMIYA super Clod buster vehicle  ● This car comes with high-quality materials.
● It offers an easy assembly feature.
● You can enjoy a top-speed ride with stability.
● It offers a twin motor to derive top speed.
● Equipped with 4W steering.
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2. Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle Rally 4 WD● It comes with 4 wheels double suspension to offer a smooth ride.
● You will get front light pods & attractive stickers.
● It is designed with durable polycarbonate.
● You will get a brushed motor to derive a speedy ride.
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3. King Hauler Tamiya Truck● It offers solid construction with high-quality materials.
● You will get funny assembly features.
● It is durable & ensures safety.
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4. Tamiya Sand Scorcher● It comes with an aluminum parts solid body that ensures durability.
● You will get front LED light.
● It offers an exclusive design.
● You will get 4 durable wheels & a powerful motor.
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5. Tamiya LunchBox 1/12● It comes with a rear-wheel-drive motor to offer top speed.
● You will get a shock resistant ABS plastic body.
● It offers single-speed tires.
● You will get an electronic speed control opportunity.
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6. Tamiya 1/14 Buggyra Fat Fox vehicle● It offers an impact-resistant polycarbonate body.
● You will get special durable wheels to enjoy a smooth ride.
● It is lightweight.
● Also, it offers an independent suspension system.
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7. Tamiya Grasshopper 2WD Buggy● It comes with 380 motor & 101BK ESC to offer speed & top performance.
● You will get exclusively designed stickers.
● It provides a sealer rear gearbox to protect gear.
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8. Tamiya Subaru Impreza 1/10 car  ● It provides an electronics speed controller.
● You will get a transparent polycarbonate durable body.
● It offers a 540cc powerful motor.
● You will get front & rear independent suspension to get a smooth ride.
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9. Tamiya 1/18 Rc Dynahead G6-01 Truck● It comes with 540 brushed motors to offer high speed.
● You will get 6 durable wheels to derive a stable ride.
● It is compatible with an electronic speed controller.
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Tamiya RC cars review

1. TAMIYA super Clod buster vehicle

The best part of the attractive vehicle is its high-quality components. It uses all the luxury material to ensure durability. Besides, it comes with an attractive design that attracts your kids. This high-performing unique model is for those who are looking for a high-performing RC car.

 It is a great gift for surprising your kids. Also, it passed all the safety tests so you don’t need to worry about safety. You can enjoy up to 35MPH + speed if you use a 3s lipo battery. This power booster Tamiya 4×4×4 is a value-worthy choice if you consider performance.

What We Liked
  • Powerful.
  • Attractive design.
  • 35MPH top speed.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Highly durable.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It’s a bit expensive.

2. Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle Rally 4 WD

Tamiya brings an attractive & beautiful car for your kids. To make your kids outing more special this beautiful car is enough.  The best part of this car is its efficient static display. This car comes with an attractive design & 4 wheels facility. That ensures the stability & safety of your kids.

Besides, it is designed with a clear polycarbonate body & rubber tires.  That ensures a smooth ride even in terrain. It is both compatible with brushless motor & brushes motor. But it comes with a brushed motor to offer a high-speed ride.

You can ride it in the garden, road or even flat dirt. This Volkswagen beetle Rally offers easy assembly. To ensure your kid’s safety it comes with a 9.4inch wheelbase. You will get front light pods & attractive stickers to ride even in the evening.

What We Liked
  • Static display.
  • Easy assembly.
  • 4 durable wheels.
  • The stable ride is even off-road.
  • Solid construction with high-quality materials.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Lack of LED light.

3. King Hauler Tamiya Truck

This king hauler truck is the most popular product among kids. Most of the growing kids have a dream to have this pretty truck. This truck comes with amazing design & premier materials. The high-quality materials ensure its long durability.

The best part of this truck is it passed the safety test. So you don’t need to worry about your toddler’s safety. Also, you will be impressed with its easy assembly process. This high-quality truck is a perfect gift for your children.

What We Liked
  • Durable.
  • Safe to ride.
  • Solid built.
  • Easy assembly.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Nothing.

4. Tamiya Sand Scorcher

If you are looking for a stylish luxury RC car then this Tamiya Sand Scorcher is the best deal. The attractive design & elegant outlook gives you a luxurious feeling.  It is designed with top-quality materials to ensure durability. Besides, it is passed the safety test to ensure proper safety.

You will get 2 LED lights to make your night ride safe. This 4 wheel top-performing vehicle comes with pre- assemble mode. That means it’s ready to start the ride. Also, it is compatible with both brushless & brushed motors.

The painting, color & performance everything makes a perfect combination. To purchase a value-worthy RC car you must consider this model.

What We Liked
  • Solid built.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Durable.
  • Offers a stable ride with a top speed.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Nothing.

5. Tamiya LunchBox 1/12

When your toddler is demanding something exclusive this lunchbox is a must to consider. The unique design & plastic metal materials ensure its durability. This exclusive vehicle is offering top performance.

It is a 1/12 scale electric power van. You can even use it off-road. It offers a precise speed control opportunity. You will get brushes sec to use with both brushed & brushless motors.

What We Liked
  • Superior speed.
  • Precise speed control.
  • Durable.
  • Top-quality materials.
  • Easy assembly.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Nothing.

6. Tamiya 1/14 Buggyra Fat Fox vehicle

To bring a smile to your kid’s face this 1/14 scale exclusive 4WD is a great choice. This car is lightweight & comes with a unique design.  You will get an impact-resistant polycarbonate body. It is an on-road vehicle with all-wheel drive features. It offers an independent suspension system to ensure stability.

To make the design attractive you will get extra optional parts. These special trucks are highly long-lasting & affordable.

What We Liked
  • 1/14 scale truck.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Socks resistance.
  • Electronic speed controller.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Nothing.

7. Tamiya Grasshopper 2WD Buggy

If you are on a budget & looking for something exclusive then try this buggy model from Tamiya. It comes with 380motor &101BK ESC. That offers great speed with stability.

You will get attractive stickers to make your vehicle gorgeous. It provides high-quality tires to deliver a smooth ride. To protect vehicles in off-road rides it provides a rear sealed gearbox.

What We Liked
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Capable to ride off-road.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Long run time.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Suspension performance is weak.

8. Tamiya Subaru Impreza 1/10 car

If you are a racer & looking for a speed master then this monster Tamiya MC 99TT-02 model is for you. This car does not only come with amazing design but also ensures excellent performance.

The best part of this car is its powerful 540 ccs electronic motor. That ensures maximum speed with stability. It offers both electronic brushes and brushless speed controllers. You can also enjoy both front & rear suspension. To enjoy a speedy ride this model is an excellent choice.

What We Liked
  • High speed.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Attractive designer.
  • Independent suspension.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Don’t come with ESC.

9. Tamiya 1/18 Rc Dynahead G6-01 Truck

This truck comes with a unique design.  The best part is its excellent off-road riding capability. It can raise ground clearance by 15 mm. The sleek design & amazing performance makes it a popular choice among kids.

It provides a powerful 540 brushed motor with the trucks. You can enjoy the superior speed with stability.

What We Liked
  • Powerful motor.
  • Unique design.
  • Off-road riding ability.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Easy assembly.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Nothing.

Buying Guideline for The Tamiya RC cars

To make a fun ride, an RC car is the best option. But the market is flooded with different types of RC cars. We are going to share an ultimate buying guide to choose the best RC cars. Don’t know anything about RC cars? Don’t worry, consider the below factor to make a worthy purchase.


Many High-quality Rc car brands like Tamiya offer building kits to make your assembly fun. These types of cars maintain quality & take some hours to a day to complete the assembly. Some models also offer pre-assembly features. Depending on your needs you can choose the vehicle based on assembly time. If you buy for your kid’s easy assembly is recommended. It will be fun if your toddler can himself make the assembly.


The life of your vehicle is considered the power. Generally, the RC car is powered by a rechargeable battery. Basically, some models provide a battery & the maximum model does not provide a battery. You need to separately buy it.

Before choosing any model make sure the cars are compatible with a powerful battery or not. If you need a battery with the cars then go for the Tamiya luxury model. Most of the semi-trucks of Tamiya are power monsters.


When you buy for kids your top priority is performance & durability. But for older & experienced ones you can consider Tamiya car power by gas.  If you are a racer, consider a speedy Tamiya model that can reach up to 30-49mph+.

Check whether your preferable features are available on the model or not. For adults don’t forget to ensure advanced features. When you buy for kids your priority is safety. So check whether your Tamiya model ensures adequate safety or not. Check design, safety & speed to discover the best Tamiya RC cars.

Battery life

When it comes to buying a battery the main concern is charging time & run time. As a toddler, they always demand high run time with a quick charging facility. To derive a long ride without the hassle chooses a high-quality & powerful battery.


While buying RC cars, considering the brand is the most important thing. Popular & reliable brands like Tamiya always focus on quality & provide the finest & durable cars. If you want a long-term investment I suggest Tamiya.

Tamiya RC Cars(Faqs)

What is the best Tamiya RC car?

Tamiya is a reliable & famous brand for high-quality RC cars. There are lots of best RC cars available from Tamiya such as Grasshopper, super cold buster, Volkswagen & many more. You can check our top 9 best Tamiya RC car list.

Are Tamiya RC cars good?

Yes, they are really worth the price. Tamiya introduces the finest quality materials & solidly built cars. If you want a durable & high-performance vehicle then Tamiya is unbeatable.

What is the best brand for RC cars?

RC cars nowadays are a popular choice. There are lots of popular brands that provide the best quality RC cars. Among them, I can mention Tamiya, Axial, Traxxas, Arrma, HPI racing, etc.

Final Thought

The RC car is a great choice for kids or adults. People buy it for fun or hobby. As it’s a part of the hobby the quality & durability matters a lot. To get the best experience try our top 9 best Tamiya RC cars.

After intense reseaRCh, we only include the top-performing, durable & exclusive model. Hope this review will guide you to buy value-worthy RC cars.



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