Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer (UDR) Review

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Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Review

Quick Overview

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
JOHNTraxxas Unlimited Desert Racer● All-metal drivetrain.
● 2200kv motor.
● VXL-6s speed controller.
● 2.4Ghz Radio system.
● Long travel suspension.
● Two spare wheels.
● Weight 6.1 kg.
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Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Review

Traxxas’s this new edition, Unlimited Desert Racer, is an excellent vehicle that delivers the ultimate user experience.  This racer will give you a realistic and extreme adventure. If you want a real-life Trophy-truck experience, this miniature product will be the right choice. A description of its features will make this clear for you.


It is a Traxxas Pro Scale model. Besides, the vehicle comes with a wheelbase of 420 mm. That is equivalent to a full desert truck with a 1/7th scale. In summary, this miniature desert race has a length of 694 mm and a width of 345 mm. the car has a height of 261 mm.

Body specification

Traxxas UDR is featured with incredible body detailing. The outlook, as well as the specification, is top-class. The truck makes its appearance engaging alongside any other shelf models. The damper reservoir, fire extinguisher, wheels, and batteries every detailing is more than precise. The vehicle can be miniature, but the features are as detailed as real desert trucks.

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer

The fuel cell is made of hard plastic and includes its filler neck. Moreover, wheels and tires are fully functional and sit over the fuel cell. It works as a mounting point for wheels. The car also has a spare drive shaft. Surprisingly, it is genuine and sits across the rear roll cage.


Racing cars come with livery to attract sponsorships. Traxxas UDR comes with 2 different color schemes. In addition, the two liveries are from Rigid Industries and Fox racing. The color scheme is respectively read & black and white & orange. The fox racing livery also includes numbered end-plates behind the cockpit. In this article, we are giving Fox Racing’s Traxxas UDR Review.

Battery and accessibility

The car is compatible with two 3S batteries and can take 6S power. But, just one battery will run the vehicle. The battery space has a measurement of 181x46x56 m. Its door releases by a rotating catch. You can remove the room fully. A blanking plug spares the hookup by shorting.

You will not get any gearbox with the truck. The Centre diff directly drives through motor pinion. Also, to ensure correct meshing, the motor mounting plate uses a pin system. The battery helps the truck to run at its full speed of 40 mph. The motor of the truck has the power of 2200 kV. This power goes to the rear wheels by the solid rear axle. The accessibility ensures its performance just like a real truck.

Traxxas UDR reviews


The truck includes 8-damper systems in every corner. This damper provides the truck body control over suspension level.  Moreover, a torque shifts power front and rear. The truck’s metal gears roar like a desert beast. Rubber limit straps force rear-axle droop when the truck runs at a good speed.

The soft suspension provides signature handling to the car.  It makes the truck jump higher with pressure. The truck includes heavy-duty lower arms that help to take a huge pounding with confidence.  The truck works incredibly, even in bad weather. It creates the highest amount of momentum when landing from the air. It gives an outlook like an action movie.

Tires and steers

Traxxas includes Baja KR3 replica tires in the dual-diameter wheels. It is specially designed to work precisely in the sand. A little modifying in tires is necessary before driving in sand. To stop any sand interruption in the top, you need to tape the rims. It will help your truck to save from any imbalance in the drivetrain. Any excess load will not stress the bearings because of the modification.

Wheel nuts hold the wheels in place. The package comes with a wheel wrench that delivers the correct amount of torque. Every corner of the truck has a detailed brake disc and caliper. The truck also includes Traxxas 2075X metal-gear servo. It is situated beside the motor. This little servo is a testament to the steering. The steering also comprises a dual bellcrank system that ensures precise control.


Traxxas UDR gets power via the speed controller. You can access it through a button on the radiator fan. You can start and stop the car with this one button. Besides, it ensures plenty of airflow in the ESC. The transmitter of the truck is the 2.4 GHz unit. It provides useful range dialing with fine adjustment in steering. Also, it needs 4 AA batteries to work.

Moreover, there is a compartment for the Bluetooth module in the truck. The Bluetooth shows the telemetry of various data like speed info and battery percentage. You can set the traction control of your racer.


The dream of your desert car race is not a dream anymore. Most surprisingly, this miniature version of Traxxas UDR looks and drives like a real race car. The outstanding features and specifications allow you to roar in the desert race.

The truck has an incredible suspension system that allows it to perform slow body control. Its dampers as built for floating over crests. Besides, It maintains a drivetrain everywhere. You will notice enough power in the trigger that balances the throttle precisely. You will have a lot of fun powerslide the truck on loose surfaces because of the rear.

The truck can take a lot of loads still gives an impressive performance. It will never stop working before striking by low-voltage. You can see the truck jump like a pro racing car with full throttle and ultimate balance. It holds large slides easily on sand. The suspension allows the vehicle to perform a superclass landing.

Positive Sides

  • You will get incredible performance from the miniature version of desert racer
  • It always gives a realistic scale-driving feel both off and on-road
  • The batteries are very flexible. Just one battery will run your truck
  • You will get various functional attachments like the wheels and driveshaft. Many tools are also provided to maintain the car.
  • The truck includes advanced ESC along with traction control. You can haul this truck at 30 mph on the sand.
  • A Traxxas Bluetooth module also comes with a package that connects your phone to your car and delivers advanced features.

Negative Sides

  • The product comes with a high price range for a miniature version
  • The package does not contain a battery and charger
  • It is not ready out of the box. It would be best if you did some modifications before running it in the sand.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all about Traxxas UDR review from our point of view. Now, the question is, will you buy it? Our opinion is, if you are passionate and can afford it, then why not have some fun? This is really worthy of the hype.



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