Traxxas Slash Vs Rustler Vs Stampede

Most of the people debate between Traxxas slash vs rustler vs stampede and got confused about which one to get. Even if you are a beginner the comparison will mostly worth of you as these a bit expensive.

In this case, this article will be money-saving and most helpful to you. We have researched in deep and made the guide covered the following information:

  • Traxxas slash, rustler, and stampede specifications
  • Similarities & differences between them
  • And much more!
Traxxas Slash Vs Rustler Vs Stampede

So let’s dig in deep so you can get clear information and made the ideal decision. At the same time, it will help you to choose the winner.

Traxxas slash vs rustler vs stampede: specification

NameTraxxas slashRustlerStampede
Item Dimensions LxWxH23.3 x 11.65 x 7.6 inches22.9 x 13.6 x 7.8 inches16.25 x 12.75 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight5 Pounds5 Pounds6 Pounds
BatteryNiMH or LiPo main batterySingle NiMH or LiPo batteryNiMH 3Traxxas iD battery

Differences between Traxxas slash vs rustler vs stampede

However, these three RC monster cars come from the same brand and look pretty much the same, but there exists a lot of difference. Let’s discuss some main differences as you may find several small differences after using them. This compression will help you to define the most suitable RC car and hopefully choose the winner one. So let’s make deep research!

The size & weight

The main differences you will notice in their look. As they come in a different size, so you can separate them considering size and weight. Between these three, Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck comes with 23.3 inches in size. If you want to buy a Traxxas RC car that comes in large size, this one will be ideal. According to the size, the next one is Traxxas Rustler Off-Road Electric Remote Control RC Car with 22.9 inches in length. Finally Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck will be the last one design with 16.25 inches. 

On the other hand, if you compare these three Traxxas RC car in weight, then the name will come first is Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck. It designs with 3000 Grams in weight. The nest weighty RC car from these three is Traxxas Rustler Off-Road Electric Remote Control RC Car that comes with 2.32 Kilograms in weight.

It seems like the list is opposite to the size chart while you will find the Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck as the last name. It comes with 2268 grams in weight. As you find one is larger and the other is weighty, it’s all up to you which one you will choose.


The next special feature is to compare its designs. These three comes in completely different design, however, all of them are best in their class. If you are a speed lover then Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck will be the ideal option for you. It amazingly designs with some special feature so it can offer high speed.

Traxxas slash

The RC car constructs with a Velineon 3500 brushless motor and digital high-torque waterproof steering servo. So you will have 60+ mph speeds.

On the other hand, Traxxas Rustler Off-Road Electric Remote Control RC Car and Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck will be the most suitable option for off-road. These two RC cars design with larger and better wheels so these can challenge the extreme condition.

Traxxas Rustler
traxxas stampede

Similarly, these two RC cars will allow you to drive-over-anything keeping more ground clearance. So there is a clear difference between these three if you consider off-road and on-road. At the same time, speed will play an important role while you make a final decision.


Two of these Traxxas RC cars don’t come with a battery. You will have a 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery only if you pursue Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck. However other two Traxxas RC cars produce clear information about the battery which will be the most suited one to boost the performance.

If I tell you broadly, you will need NiMH or LiPo main battery for both Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck and Traxxas Rustler off Road Electric Remote Control RC Car. On the other hand, you won’t have to face many problems finding batteries for these two Traxxas RC cars as these are mostly available in nearer shops and online.


In short, you have to consider enough budgets while you are planning for these Traxxas monster RC car. They all come in the $200+ category. However it looks like a big investment, but while you will receive them; you will find them worth of money. As we mention earlier, these all are a big name in the RC crawling world with the top quality feature.

Among them, Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck will help you to save a bit of money comparing the other two. The other two Traxxas RC cars come at slightly under $400. So it won’t make big differences as to which one you will choose, you have to pay a fairly decent price.

Similarities between Traxxas slash vs rustler vs stampede

As the three RC cars come from the same brands and available in pretty much the same budget, they offer some similar features as well. Let’s have a look at some features, from where they meet in the same category.


Firstly the feature where they meet is in the material. Every one of them made with the same material is called pp (Polypropylene). Nevertheless to say the feature makes them durable and long-lasting. At the same time Traxxas Rustler Off-Road Electric Remote Control RC Car design with clipless body latching system that makes it suitable for secure mounting.

Besides Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck constructs with triangulated structure so you can enjoy optimum fun. No matter which one you will choose, all of them will be most durable and allow you to enjoy extreme terrain.

Waterproof electronics

Most people choose an RC car both for off-road and on-road performance. So it should have the ability to survive in the worst condition. In this case, you don’t need to worry about the Traxxas brand, as Traxxas slash vs rustler vs stampede is made with waterproof electronics.

Specifically, Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck comes with XL-5 waterproof ESC and exclusive waterproof electronics that will not only allow you to blast through puddles but mow through mud and shred snow. On the other hand, Traxxas Rustler Off-Road Electric Remote Control RC Car especially designs with large 2.8-inch black chrome wheels.

The feature will offer you terrain conquering ground clearance no matter where you are in water, mud, and snow. Lastly, Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck will take you a step ahead while you will find not only high center ground clearance but sealed electronics for all-weather Fun.

The feature will allow you to tackle rougher terrain and obstacles by increasing off-road versatility. Besides its sealed electronics technology will give you the freedom to riding in such a place where you may not drive. It is ready to open up a whole new world of adventure where wet muddy tracks won’t put you in trouble.

Radio system

All three RC cars come with a TQi 2.4Hz radio remote control system that will deliver you superior speed, precision, and control. Most importantly the TQi radio system will keep everything under your precise control. The technology works in a programmable multi-function knob. Besides, it will allow you to link the wireless module and your android, iPhone, iPad. It a powerful tuning tool that extremely easy to use.


It’s another important feature that makes them similar to each other. The manufacturer made these RC cars keep in mind all the generations. Whatever you are a beginner or expert and planning for kids and adults these Traxxas RC cars will be suitable for all of them. Especially you will have ready to race the box RC car, that won’t put you trouble for installation. Moreover, Traxxas stability management technology allows them to control easily on slippery surfaces including smooth concrete, loose dirt, and even ice and snow. 

Apart from these, the brand constructs these RC cars with the same digital high-torque waterproof steering servo, Velineon VXL-3s electronic speed control, brushless motor, and torque-control slipper clutch.

Final words

After deep research and considering all the similarity and dissimilarities, hope you can separate them easily. However they come from the same brand and the price is pretty much the same, but you can make a final decision based on speed and off-road and on-road performance. Now it’s your turn which one you will go for. As a speed lover, Traxxas Slash 4WD Short Course Truck will be a suitable one for you.

Most importantly it’s a 4wd RC car that included low voltage protection and a Velineon 3500 brushless motor to offer you 60+ mph speeds. On the other hand, Traxxas VoitureMonster Truck will be ideal for off-road crawling. It includes a larger wheel and 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery and available at a bit cheaper price.



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