How Much Is A Gas Powered RC Car?

Gas-powered RC cars are highly long-lasting vehicles. It’s a favorite choice among hobbies due to its long run time & durability. There is a misconception that gas power RC cars are highly expensive. It is not completely true. Want to know how much is a gas-powered RC car?

Well, RC cars come with a price range from low to high for every range of people. Depending on your requirements the price varies. In this article, we will talk about

  • Benefits of a gas-powered RC car
  • Gas power RC cars price range
  • How to choose the best gas power RC cars
How Much Is A Gas Powered RC Car?

How Much Is A Gas-Powered RC Car?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The price range varies on vehicle quality & features. The more features & advanced performer gas-powered RC cars range starts from $230- $1000+. You will find some faster & best RC cars below 300. But you demand advanced features like 100+ mph speed then you need to invest more.

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Benefits of a gas powered RC car

Gas power RC cars are a popular choice for racers. The top speed & durability make it the talk of the town. You will get the below benefits from the gas-powered RC cars:

  • Delivers speed up to 100+ miles per hour.
  • Also, it comes with an impressively long run time than an electric vehicle. You can run as much as you need by refill the fuel tank instantly.
  • You can learn some mechanical skills like engine tuning from this vehicle.
  • It is more water-resistant & faster than any electric vehicle.

A gas-powered vehicle is an amazing choice if you want to explore the city. To be a champion in the racing field, a gas-powered vehicle can be the best choice. The fun part is some racers like the smoke & noise of gas-powered engines.

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How to choose the best budget gas-powered RC cars?

Well, People think gas-powered RC cars are highly expensive & there is no good vehicle at budget. But there are so many top-level racing cars available below $300 bucks. You need to discover it from millions of options. Below I share some tricks to find out the best gas power car within your budget.

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Before buying your RC cars it is a must to do some research.  Now the question is what you should research. Alright, you need to find out the answer to the below questions.

  • Is a gas-powered RC car worth your budget?
  • What are the benefits you derive from gas-powered RC cars?
  • What should you consider buying the best RC cars within budget?
  • Why should you invest in gas-powered RC cars?

You can find out this question answer from different resources such as online forums, website, buyer guide, review, product rating & many more. After doing intense research you gain some knowledge about RC cars. It helps to outline your requirements. So that you can easily compare your needs with your favorite model & budget. When you are doing research make sure you check data from authentic & reliable sites only.

To save your time we are going to share a buying guide. To buy a value-worthy product you need to consider the below factor.


The most important factor while buying an RC car is price. If you find an expected Rc car within $300 bucks then why invest more? Your target is to find out the best value product within budget. Set your budget then search the car. Compare features with its price. Don’t only jump for the low price. It helps to find out the best value products. Some budget-friendly high speed model you can consider that are attach below:

  • HSP A draf Racing 4WD
  • HSP D 1/10 scale road 4WD
  • HSP 1/10 Nitro two speed RC car
  • 4×4 Nitro gas powered car & many more

Brand value

After making a primary list of your favorite model now it’s time to check brand value. Some popular brands make high-quality gas-powered RC cars. You can depend on a renowned brand for quality products. It decreases the chance of buying low-quality cars. Here I mentioned a few of them,

  • Redcat,
  • Traxxas
  • HPI,
  • LOSI & many more.

You can buy these brand’s cars without any doubt.

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Another important factor is checking the features of your car. For example, you need to race at night but your model lacks led light. As a result, it will be a loss investment.  So, make a list of your features such as speed, run time, light, safety & more. Then check your listed model’s features. Then compare price with features to find the best budget model.

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Customer rating

Well, customer rating is another vital point to discover the value-worthy products. Check customer ratings & reviews crucially to know how the cars actually perform in real. Their feedback helps you to make the right decision.


How fast are gas-powered RC cars?

Depending on the model gas powered RC cars can deliver up to 70-100mph speed. For a 1/10 scale car, the speed is 48+. Depending on the scales the speed also varies.

Which one is better gas or electric RC cars?

Obviously, gas-powered cars are more powerful than electric cars. You can enjoy better mileage & more speed with gas-powered cars than electric cars. But electric cars are noise-free.

How long do gas-powered RC Cars last?

Depending on your riding & maintenance the durability varies.  But it lasts nearly 30 years, which is more than any electric or other type of car.

What are the most expensive RC Cars?

The most expensive RC car is the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6. It is the longest & most expensive one in the RC field.

Final Thought

Hope now you get your answer about how much is a gas-powered RC car. I try to discover a detailed price range of gas power RC cars with its pros & cons. This helps you to find out the best value cars based on requirements.

To avoid loss investment we share a buying guide. Follow our tricks to buy the best & durable gas powered RC cars.



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