What C Rating Lipo Do I Need?

C rating is a parameter that represents your battery discharge rate. What C rating lipo do I need? Well, as the lipo battery comes with a different range of c ratings people are confused about which c rating is best.

Basically, when it comes to high speed & long run time a higher c rating is best. To ensure a top-speed ride with stability higher C rating is a must. It’s true higher c rating offers high performance but can’t cross 30% overhead. Let’s know the details about the ideal C rating to buy the best lipo battery.

What C Rating Lipo Do I Need?

What is a C rating?

An accurate c rating is highly essential for battery health & performance. If you buy a lipo battery with a low c rating that is unable to meet your expectation. All lipo batteries have c rating on their battery pack. Basically, c rating represents the maximum discharge rate of the lipo battery.

Your lipo battery can be any number between 20C to 70C or any other number. This number controls your battery’s charge & discharge ratio.

What C rating lipo do I need?

Lipo battery comes with two types of c rating. The one is representing the maximum discharge ratio & the other is the charge rate C rating. Both represent using C. The higher the c rating indicates the improved. But for Rc vehicles, the best & ideal c rating is 25C to 60C.

Basically, the lipo battery does not require more discharge rate than 60C.  Also, you can choose the discharge ratio over 30% overhead based on battery sizes & capacity.

Overview of some best c rating battery

NameC RatingSize
Gens ace 7.4V 6000mAh 70C 2S LiPo Battery70C138 x 46 x 26mm
AWANFI 3S Lipo Battery 11.1V 5000mAh 60C RC Battery60C138 x 46 x 38mm
HRB 11.1V 5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery Pack 50C50C155 x 48 x 24mm
Fconegy 3S 11.1V 5500mAh 40C Lipo Battery40C139 x 47 x 39.5mm
Lectron Pro 7.4V 5200mAh 35C Lipo Battery35C138 x 46 x 25mm

How To Calculate Maximum C Rating Of Lipo Battery?

On your battery, you will find the discharge ratio. The maximum discharge rate of your lipo battery depends on battery capacity. Buying the right battery for an RC car’s capacity is also important. Capacity is represented with mAh.

For example, Zeee has an 8000 mAh hard case battery for RC cars. It comes with a 100c rating. To find the maximum discharge rate convert the capacity into the amp.

8000 mAh= 8000/1000= 8 Ah.

Now multiply the capacity with the C rating. The output comes is 8ah*100 C= 800 amps.

Zeee lipo battery pack is capable of providing 800 amps of continuous power according to the manufacturer’s claim. That does not only ensure quick charging but also ensure a smooth ride. A high charge rate both decreases charging time & offers a long-time ride with a top speed. But excessive charge rate is over-killing your battery. 

C rating does not boost your motor speed. Rather it improves the mileage. You need to divide the actual load amount on the battery to protect battery health. That’s why I prefer a 30-40% overhead discharge rate. Based on battery size & weights the discharge rate also varies.

But you can easily calculate the maximum discharge rate using the above formula.  Then compare it with your required discharge rate.

For example: when your power system delivers up to 120amps. Then your battery packs need to deliver at least 140 amps or a bit more. But don’t match maximum discharge rate with system power.

When you buy a battery, remind this 30% overhead c rating formula to make a value-worthy purchase.

Charging time from a Charging C rating

Depends on capacity & c rating the charging time varies. Below I attach the charging time for the 1Ah capacity battery.

C ratingTime
5C12 min

How to calculate charging time?

It’s very simple.

Now I calculate a 30 c rate battery with 2300 mAh capacity to find the charging time.

Now I convert 2300mAh= 2.3Amp

Now 30C× 2.3= 69 Amps

Charging time = 60minutes/c rating = 60/30= 2minutes.

When your c rating is 5C,

The charging time= 60/5= 12minutes

So it is clear that the higher the c rating it decreases your charging time. To save your time, a high c rating is always best. But to choose a charging c rate it’s not wise to choose over 5C to avoid the blast. Yet there are so many brands that offer up to 15 C charging rates. But I suggest avoiding excessive charger rates to ensure battery health. Generally, I use a 3 c rating charge rate battery & it’s quite faster.


Is a higher C rating better?

Yes, the higher C rating is better. Because a higher c indicates much energy & high performance.

What C rating does lipo need?

Generally, a lipo battery needs a 20-60 C rating. Also, 15-20 is fine for lipo if you don’t require a long run time.

What Is The C Rate?

The C rate is a representation of the battery discharge rate. It indicates the maximum discharge rate of a battery. Also, there is a charge rate c rating available for lipo.

What is the 30 C discharge rate?

It is the continuous discharge rate that your battery can handle. The battery is unable to take load above this rate. The formula is multiply capacity with discharge rate & the result is the maximum continuous discharge rate. If your vehicle capacity is 5000 mAh then discharge rate= 5× 30= 150amp.

Final Thought

I hope now you get the answer to what C rating lipo do you need. I try to focus on the pros & cons of a higher & lower c rating.  So that you can easily choose the best lipo battery for your RC cars.

While buying a lipo battery don’t forget to check details about C rating, capacity & sizes to discover the compatible & best-performing battery. This little effort protects you from a wrong purchase.



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