Ultimate Guides On Indoor And Outdoor RC Tracks

RC tracks are one of the fun ways to spend time with family and friends. Whether you do them competitively or not, each state has a different set of tracks combination to offer.

Here is what each state offers you when it comes to RC tracks.

Indoor And Outdoor RC Tracks
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1. RC Tracks in Florida

Florida hosts some of the most engaging off-road and on-road RC tracks in the country. Almost every location has a child-friendly atmosphere, and the staff is friendly enough to make sure that you have a great time. The gates of the tracks generally remain open from 10 am till 3 am on scheduled race, but the schedule might get altered sometimes due to maintenance issues or weather conditions.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Florida

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Speedline Hobbies Largo 33771On Road Get Directions 
 Charlotte Sports Park Port Charlotte 33948 On RoadGet Directions 
B&B Hobbies  Hudson 34667 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
 Jeffs RC Studio San Carlos Park 33967 On Road, Off Road, Carpet OvalGet Directions 
 Florida RC Outlet Jacksonville 32244 On Road, Off Road, Carpet OvalGet Directions 
386 RC Raceway  South Daytona 32119On Road, Paved Oval Get Directions 
 East Orange County R/C Raceway Orlando 32833 Off Road, Dirt Oval, Dragstrip, Crawler Course, Tractor Pull Get Directions
 Sundancers RC Port St. Lucie 34987 Off Road, Flying Field Get Directions
Tampa RC Track  Tampa 33634 On Road, Off Road, Crawler Course Get Directions
Strickland RC Park  Daytona Beach 32114 Off Road Get Directions

2. RC Tracks in Michigan

Michigan offers a variety of tracks ranging from truck RC tracks to RC helipad. A few of them have an annual membership plan while others charge by the hours. Michigan also comes with its set of indoor tracks for year-round racing. These layouts can be easily changed. However, the tracks for air RCs need to maintain some mandatory restrictions making them somewhat rigid.

Top 10 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Michigan

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Washtenaw RC Raceway Ann Arbor 48103 Off RoadGet Directions 
Larry’s Performance R/C’s  Sterling Heights 48314On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 KC Hobbies and Raceway Saint Ignace 49781 Off Road Get Directions
 TSS Hobbies RC Raceway Belleville 48111 Off Road, Carpet Oval, Crawler CourseGet Directions 
 Sandpit RC Jonesville 49250Off Road, Dirt Oval, Dragstrip Get Directions 
 Wolverine Speedway Britton 49229 Off Road, Dirt OvalGet Directions 
 Charlotte’s RC Speedway Cadillac 49601 Off Road, Dirt Oval, Crawler CourseGet Directions 
 Full throttle racing and hobbie shopStandale  49534 Off Road, Dirt OvalGet Directions 
 Dirt Devil Speedway Battle Creek 49014Dirt Oval  Get Directions
Jon’s Hobby  Mount Pleasant 48858 On RoadGet Directions 

3. RC Tracks in Las Vegas

With most of its RC track indoors, Las Vegas has been warming up to the RC fraternity. With all the latest technology, many of them offer simulations too for the best experience. The outdoor tracks are mostly dirt tracks but without many contours. These tracks are seen to be dry, hard-packed with medium surface and traction. These tracks are not exceptionally big.

Off-Road RC Tracks In Las Vegas

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 RC Tracks of Las Vegas Las Vegas 89119 Off RoadGet Directions 

4. RC Tracks in Ohio

In Ohio, most of the tracks are off-road. A few handfuls are on roads and even lesser in carpet oval, dirt oval, and paved oval. Ohio is very active in the RC track. With a few championships running annually, these tracks gather professional drivers. Most of these tracks come with their hobby shop and can hook you up with everything your RC head is searching for.

Top 10 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Ohio

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
Columbus RC Racing Club  Hilliard 43026Off Road  Get Directions
 Ashtabula RC Speedway Jefferson 44047Off Road Get Directions 
 Brown’s Hobby Shop & Raceway Irondale 43932Off Road, Carpet Oval, Dirt Oval  Get Directions
 Medina R/C Raceway Medina 44256Off Road  Get Directions
 One-Eighth Racers of Toledo Toledo 43606On Road  Get Directions
 Big Dogs RC Raceway Mount Vernon 43050Off Road, Dirt Oval, Crawler Course, Tractor Pull Get Directions 
 EN Hobbies Columbus 43232Off Road, Dirt Oval, Crawler Course Get Directions 
 The Hobby Shop Raceway Dayton 45449On Road Get Directions 
 Ohio Valley Remote Control Car Club Belpre 45714 On Road, Off Road, Carpet Oval, Dirt Oval, Paved Oval, Tractor PullGet Directions 
 Freddies Raceway Ravenna 44266 Paved Oval Get Directions

5. RC Tracks in Colorado

The RC scene in Colorado is very old and almost near a tradition. The hobby shops are stocked to the brim and have lucrative prices as well. The tracks are found to be indoor and outdoor. Some even have multiple terrains and is ever-changing. These forever evolving culture of the Colorado RC scene has always kept its track at the top of its game.

Top 10 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Colorado

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 HobbyTown USA (Westminster) Westminster 80021 On Road Get Directions
 High Desert Raceplace Grand Junction 81501 Off Road Get Directions
 Rat RacewayDenver  80206Off Road Get Directions 
 MHOR R/C Raceway Aurora 80012On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 Colorado Fast Track Colorado Springs 80929Off Road Get Directions 
 Rifle Remote Control Park Rifle 81650 Off Road, Crawler CourseGet Directions 
 A Main Speedway Pueblo 81008 On Road, Off Road, Dragstrip Get Directions
 The Crawl Space Wheat Ridge 80033 Crawler CourseGet Directions 
 Dusty Trails Raceway Pueblo 81007Off Road, Dirt Oval  Get Directions
Budha`s Revenge  Bennet 80102 Off Road Get Directions

6. RC Tracks in Houston

Houston has a perfectly healthy RC scene. Some hobby shops have tracks and offer racing privileges. You can generally practice at the tracks for a fee of around $5. The tracks always come and go, so make sure the shops are open before you head out on your RC adventure.

Top 6 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Houston

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Mike’s Hobby Shop and Tracks Porter 77365Off-Road (covered), On-Road, On-Road Oval Get Directions 
M&M Hobby Center and Tracks  Bellaire 77401Off-Road (dirt), Off-Road (Mini) Get Directions 
Vertigo Raceway – Ultimate RC Track  Alvin 77511Off-road, Free-Style Get Directions 
 The River Track Brazoria 77422 Off-Road Get Directions
 Katy RC Off-Road Track Katy 77450 Off-RoadGet Directions 
 RC Hobby Shop – Raceway Houston 77031 Off-RoadGet Directions 

7. RC Tracks in Utah

At Utah, RC racings are more a family affair than a competitive field. The tracks are old but still get drivers. As the younger generation is learning these tracks, they are now being renovated. Utah’s tracks are both on and off roads. The friendship and camaraderie of the Utah racing tracks are enviable. A few of the tracks also has an indoor facility.

Top 5 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Utah

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Radio Controlled Chaos Neola 84066Off Road Get Directions 
 Intermountain R/C Raceway Magna 84044On Road, Off Road  Get Directions
 Addiction R/C Raceway Marriott-Slaterville 84404 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Intermountain R/C Raceway Magna 84044Indoor Dirt, Indoor Rock Crawler Garden, Outdoor Road Track  Get Directions
Blacksheep Raceway  East Spanish Fork 84660 Outdoor DirtGet Directions 

8. RC Tracks in New Jersey

With most tracks being dirt-packed, New Jersey is the oldie in the RC tracking scene. So, dirt-packed road and tire barriers are the most common scenario in these tracks. Most of these tracks come with training exercises and kits. They also offer membership on weekly and at the hour rates. With times the tracks have developed to air drones and trucks, and many others.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In New Jersey

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Checkerboard Raceway Hammonton 08037 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Trax 70 Super Speedway Browns Mills 08015On Road, Off Road, Paved Oval Get Directions 
 DirtRunners R/C Car Club Oak Ridge 07438 Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions
Xtreme R/C  River Edge 07661On Road, Off Road  Get Directions
 Jackson R/C Racing Jackson 08527On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 Xtreme RC Addicts Moonachie 07074 On RoadGet Directions 
 Lower Level Racing Pennsauken 08110 On RoadGet Directions 
 Shadow Hobbies Raceway Paterson 07514Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 Jersey Shore RC Racers Wall 07719 Paved OvalGet Directions 
Cruizin R/C Raceway  Waldwick 07446Off Road, Crawler Course  Get Directions

9. RC Tracks in Alabama

Alabama has an enriched history of RC tracks. With films being made centered on Alabama, it is safe to say the tracks are iconic. Almost all tracks are family. The tracks mostly come with safe sanitation as well. Most of them carry strict rules against alcohol and intoxication regulation. They all hope for everyone’s RC experience to be joyful and safe.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Alabama

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 The Terrace Row Cullman 35058 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Lagoon Park Raceway Montgomery 36109On Road Get Directions 
 The Buzzards’ Roost Tallassee 36078Flying Field  Get Directions
 LA Thunder Raceway Newton 36352Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 RC Fun Hobbies & Racing Rehobeth 36301 On Road, Off Road Get Directions
 Gulf Coast Raceway Foley 36535Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 West Alabama Aeromodelers Tuscaloosa 35406Flying Field Get Directions 
 Xtreme Zone R/C Silverhill 36576Off Road, Dirt Oval, Crawler Course Get Directions 
 Two Toes Raceway Rockford 35136 Off Road Get Directions
 Snakepit RC Raceway Maplesville 36750 Off RoadGet Directions 

10. RC Tracks in Indiana

While most tracks in Indiana are indoors and carpeted, there are few outdoors as well. Most of the carpeted and oval. However, those with hobby shops are heavily decorated. Some of these tracks are home to some great drivers. The tracks are family-friendly. All the tracks offer great classes that every beginner can from. These tracks provide a variety of courses.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Indiana

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 R/C World of Indiana Lynn 47355 Off Road Get Directions
 P & T Hobbies and Raceway Mitchell 47446Off Road, Dirt Oval  Get Directions
 PDX Racing Indianapolis 46222 On Road Get Directions
 Summit RC Raceway Fort Wayne 46808 On Road, Off Road Get Directions
 Stateline RC Raceway Fremont 46737On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
Left Turn Raceway  Muncie 47303Off Road, Carpet Oval, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 Ingalls Motor Speedway Ingalls 46048Paved Oval  Get Directions
 Rochester R/C Park Rochester 46975 Off Road Get Directions
RC Fun Park  Granger 46530 On Road, Off Road, Carpet Oval, Flying FieldGet Directions 
 Backyard Raceway Argos 46501 Off Road, Dirt Oval, Crawler Course Get Directions

11. RC Tracks in North Carolina

Most RC tracks of North Carolina are family-friendly ones. The tracks are mostly out tracks and are dirt covered. Some offer indoor tracks as well. These tracks provide subscriptions on multiple bases. Some of these tracks even provide regular races every week. So it is safe to say the RC scene in these tracks is quite impressive.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In North Carolina

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
Area 51 RC Grounds  Horse Shoe 28742Off Road Get Directions 
 Highland Radio Control Racers Asheville 28805 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Nitro Valley Raceway Cherryville 28021 Off RoadGet Directions 
Antique Barn & Hobby Shop  Wilson 27893Paved Oval  Get Directions
 Coastal Hobby & Raceway Wilmington 28403On Road, Off Road  Get Directions
 SpeedWOOD R/C Complex Goldsboro 27530On Road, Carpet Oval, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 Bogue Sound RC Raceway Newport 28570 Off Road, Crawler Course, Tractor PullGet Directions 
 Mt. Elim RC Club Lumberton 28358 Off Road, Flying FieldGet Directions 
 Patton Valley RC Park Franklin 28734 Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions
 Ho-b Max Durham 27701On Road, Off Road Get Directions 

12. RC Tracks in Illinois

Almost all of the tracks are mostly just on and off roads. They do not offer much to variety on ground tracks. But they have air track and others as well. The tracks provide great subscription courses and many excellent opportunities for people to practice on. Illinois also has a lot of tracks spread across the state.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Illinois

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 The RC Shack Decatur 62521On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 RedLine RC RacewayCarterville  62918 On Road, Off Road Get Directions
 HobbyTown USA (St. Charles) St. Charles 60174On Road  Get Directions
 Big Bill’s RC Raceway Broadwell 62634 Dirt OvalGet Directions 
 Barnyard R/C Raceway Elgin 60124 Off Road, Dirt OvalGet Directions 
 Cook County Forest Preserve District Streamwood 60107 Flying Field Get Directions
 The Track at Harbor Hobbies Winthrop Harbor 60096On Road, Carpet Oval Get Directions 
 RiverCity Raceway Peoria 61601Off Road, Dirt Oval  Get Directions
 Chicagoland Hobby Drift/Micro Track Chicago 60631 On Road Get Directions
Adventure Hobbies R/C Speedway  Springfield62704  On Road, Off Road, Carpet Oval, Dirt Oval, Crawler Course Get Directions

13. RC Tracks in Arizona

Arizona does not offer a lot of options when it comes to RC tracks. The minimal ones they offer are on dirt tracks and the off-dirt tracks. The tracks provide great subscription courses. They often bring on tournaments that are open to viewers. However, few of these tracks are in the state. The tracks have been able to bring in a fraternity together.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Arizona

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 R/C Sports Mania Raceway Phoenix 85017 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
Hobby Action  Tempe 85282 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
 Little Indy Cart Club Kingman 86401On Road Get Directions 
 Warehouse 3 Indoor RC Racing Phoenix 85381Off Road Get Directions 
 Fast Eddie’s RC Hobbies Yuma 85364 On Road Get Directions
 Fear Farm R/C Raceway Phoenix 85037 Off RoadGet Directions 
 HobbyTown USA (Tuscon) Tucson 85716 Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions
 The Nitro Pit Wittmann 85361 Off Road Get Directions
 Scottsdale R/C SpeedwayScottsdale  85251 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Competition Hobbies & Raceway Tucson 85741 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 

14. RC Tracks in California

California has a lot of options when it comes to RC tracks. They mostly offer on dirt tracks and the off-dirt tracks. These tracks are very family friendly. All of them have sanitation systems and pit tables. And they have the most fantastic hobby shops. These are stocked to the brim with unique accessories. Some of them even offer a rental service.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In California

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Full Throttle Hobbies & Raceway Bakersfield 93308Off Road  Get Directions
 RC Tech Daly City 94015 On Road Get Directions
 Fog Town Frequencies Brisbane 94005On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 Kenon Hobby Arcadia 91006 On RoadGet Directions 
 A Main Silver Dollar R/C Raceway Chico 95928Off Road    Get Directions
 Thunder Valley RC Park Lakeport 95453Off Road  Get Directions
 HobbyTown USA (Fresno) Fresno 93711 On RoadGet Directions 
 Bending Corners Raceway Orange 92865 On RoadGet Directions 
 Pegasus Hobbies Montclair 91763Off Road  Get Directions
 SpeedWorld Raceway & Hobbies Roseville 95678 On RoadGet Directions 

15. RC Tracks in Oregon

Equipped with professional teams, the tracks of Oregon are everything you would want it to be. The tracks are family-friendly and very educational. The hobby shops are equally good. They offer a good range of on and off-site. Some are of dirt, and others are asphalt. The community thrives off the goodwill. They offer a variety of subscription format.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Oregon

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Rogue Valley RC Central Point 97502 Off Road Get Directions
 Rose City Scale Racing Beaverton 97006On Road Get Directions 
 RCPlus Hobbies Raceway Salem 97302 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
2 Brothers Raceway  Beavercreek 97004Off Road Get Directions 
 RC Supercross Pleasant Hill 97455 Off Road Get Directions
 Lazy M. Ranch Canby 97013 Off Road Get Directions
 Big Dads Raceway & Hobby Clackamas 97015 On RoadGet Directions 
 Rise RC Raceway Canby 97013Off Road Get Directions 
 Dave’s RC Tracks Hubbard 97032Off Road, Dirt Oval Get Directions 
 Top Gear Hobbies Clackamas 97015 Off RoadGet Directions 

16. RC Tracks in Texas

The RC tracks of Texas are ever-evolving. All the tracks of the state keep up with the latest terrains. The tracks are mostly open for practice. They preach a by day entry pass system. The tracks are built to accommodate all skill sets. They have on and of road tracks. Some offer dirt or carpeted or both the tracks in a single facility.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Texas

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Victoria Hobby Raceway Victoria 77904 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Schiveley Field Houston 77068 Flying Field Get Directions
 RC Austin Food Park Austin 78701 Off Road Get Directions
 DFW Quarter Scale Speedway Burleson 76028 On Road Get Directions
 Hal’s Hobby Raceway El Paso 79936 On Road, Off Road Get Directions
 RC Hobby Shop Stafford 77477 Off RoadGet Directions 
Eagle RC Raceway  Tatum 75691 Off Road Get Directions
 RC Superdome Amarillo 79106 On RoadGet Directions 
 RCRCNT Raceway Burleson 76028 On Road Get Directions
 Ju-Ju’s R/C Raceway Midlothian 76065 Off Road Get Directions

17. RC Tracks in Georgia

The tracks of Georgia are very family-friendly. Most of the tracks make active efforts to be handicap friendly. The tracks are beginner-friendly with a variety of difficulty levels. That is, drivers of all stages get opportunities. Also, spectators are free to watch a lot of these tracks. Most of these tracks are off-site, whit somewhat limits experience.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Georgia

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Phil Hurd Raceway Savannah 31406Off Road Get Directions 
Columbus Raceway  Columbus 31909On Road, Off Road  Get Directions
 Henderson’s Arena Atlanta 30349 Off Road Get Directions
 VRP Hobbies & Raceway Brooks 30205 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Battlefield Raceway Rossville 30741 On Road Get Directions
Lake Hartwell R/C Complex  Bowersville 30516 Off Road Get Directions
 HotShotRC Raceway & Hobby Store Marietta 30062 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
 Pineland R/C Raceway Midville 30441Off Road  Get Directions
 RC Hobby Pro Jasper 30143 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Echeconnee Superspeedway Macon 31216 On Road, Off Road Get Directions

18. RC Tracks in Virginia

The RC community of Virginia is still developing. They do not offer a lot of options. The minimal ones they offer are on dirt tracks and the off-dirt tracks. The subscription plan varies from tacks to tracks. A few of these tracks remain open at the weekends. But most of the rum on weekdays only. The hobby shops on these tracks are, however, quite exceptional.

Top 10 On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Virginia

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 DRCW Raceway Chesapeake 23320On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 Coopers Radio Control Race Center Chatham 24531On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
 Adrenaline RC Racing Winchester 22602 Off RoadGet Directions 
 MBR Speed Shop Salem 24153 On Road, Off Road, Carpet OvalGet Directions 
 The Tiltyard Dayton 22821 Off Road Get Directions
 Gizmo’s Hobby Tazewell 24651Off Road Get Directions 
 Eat My Dust R/C Park Kinsale 22488Off Road Get Directions 
 Linville Hobbies Raceway Harrisonburg 22801 On RoadGet Directions 
 Awesome RC Recreational Facility Fredericksburg 22406 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Eastcoast Hobbies Winchester 22602 Off RoadGet Directions 

19. RC Tracks in Missouri

The RC community of Missouri are comparatively smaller than its neighboring states. Although small, they are a well-knit group, nonetheless. The tracks are family friendly. They offer a good range of on and off-site. Some are of dirt, and others are asphalt. The hobby stores also keep spares and gear that are required and sometimes rare.

Top 10 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Missouri

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Novelty R/C Raceway Novelty 63460 Off RoadGet Directions 
Dirt Burners GreenTree R/C Raceway  St. Louis 63122 Off Road Get Directions
 Dexter R/C Raceway Dexter 63841On Road, Off Road, Paved Oval, Dragstrip  Get Directions
 Johnny Throttle Speedway St. Charles 63303 On Road, Off RoadGet Directions 
 Totally RC Saint Joseph 64505 Off Road Get Directions
 HobbyTown USA (Branson) Branson 65616 On RoadGet Directions 
SmacTrac  St. Charles 63301 Off RoadGet Directions 
 Novelty R/C Raceway Chillicothe 64601Off Road  Get Directions
 Skips RC Raceway Platte City 64079Dirt Oval Get Directions 
ShowMe RC  Marthasville 63357 Off RoadGet Directions 

20. RC Tracks in Washington

Washington is what they call premium of all the states with RC tracks. Their facilities are quite enviable. With running competitive competitions, the tracks are also good enough for some pro drivers. From dirt to carpet to asphalt to crawlers, the tracks of Washington offer them all. The hobby shop keeps up with the reputations of the racks itself.

Top 10 Best On-Road And Off-Road RC Tracks In Washington

NameCityZipSurfaceGet Directions
 Peel-It Raceway & Hobbies Marysville 98271On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
Timezone Raceway Park  Battle Ground 98604On Road Get Directions 
 C&C Raceway Woodland 98674Off Road Get Directions 
 Tacoma R/C Raceway Tacoma 98409Off Road Get Directions 
Four Seasons RC Racing  Olympia 98506On Road, Off Road Get Directions 
 Mike’s R/C World Bellingham 98226Off Road Get Directions 
 Fantasy World Hobbies Lakewood 98499On Road Get Directions 
Fasttrax Northwest  Monroe 98275 On Road Get Directions
 J&S RC Hobbies Marysville 98271On Road Get Directions 
 Sublime R/C Renton 98055 On Road Get Directions


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