How To Build A Gas Powered RC Car From Scratch?

Most of the people take their RC cars damn seriously. That’s why they are eager to spend money to improve their RC and maintain it. We all know owning an RC cut a large amount of part from the wallet. It doesn’t matter whether the RC is gas-powered or electric.

But the electric one won’t give you that vibe like the gas-powered RC. If you want to know how to build a gas-powered RC car from scratch and save your wallet, then you are in the right place. We will show you how to do it with less money. All you need to do is read the article thoroughly till the end.

How To Build A Gas Powered RC Car From Scratch?

Build Your Own RC Car

The gas-powered RC cars are the most favorite ones for the racers as they give you the feel of real racing. It’s costly for a gas-powered RC nowadays. But if you have a passion for building an RC, you can do it without spending a lot of money buying. It will need a lot of time and hard work. You need the proper tools and manual instructions to follow while building your RC car.

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Will It Be Cheaper?

That’s an excellent question to ask. You will work so hard and spend a huge amount of time, and wouldn’t it be cheaper than buying fancy RC cars? Yes, it is. As you are building your RC from scratch, it won’t cost as much as when you buy a new one. That does not mean it won’t perform well. Your RC will run like a horse if you are successful in managing all the requirements.

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You May Require These Tools

Even if you are building an RC car from scratch, you will need some specific tools for work. Have a look at the list of those tools:

  • Aluminum or Iron axle for framework
  • Four wheels
  • Metal cutter
  • Shouldering kit
  • Bearings
  • Gears (both small and large size depending on the shape of RC)
  • Hollow steel or aluminum pipes
  • Stroke engine
  • Belt grinder
  • Small circle chain
  • Drill machine
  • A lot of screws (depending on the number of holes)
  • Radio controller
  • Wires for connection with the motor
  • Zip ties
  • Battery
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Enough petrol as fuel
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers of different shapes
  • Paints if you want

How To Build A Gas Powered RC Car From Scratch?

After you manage all the necessary kits, it’s time to work. Use your backyard or your garage as your workstation. Working in a sequence is a must, or there will be a huge possibility that you will mess up. Then how will you proceed to work? Let us show you the sequences:

Get To the Framework

At first, you need to plan your car size and then get to the framework. Decide the size and cut parts with the metal cutter. Then you have to attach all the parts through shouldering. It will be wise to cut all the necessary pieces of aluminum axles at a single time.

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Set the Bearings

Now, it’s time to set the bearings with the mainframe. For that, you need to dig the exact size of the holes and then attach it through shouldering. Before that, you should attach the small gear with the bearing.

Attach the Back Wheels with Main Frame

Take the hollow pipe and get it through the bearing at the backside. It is because you have to attach the back wheels first. Then make the connection permanent with shouldering kit.

Check the Engine and Its Exhaust

To make a gas-powered RC, you will need a stroke engine which runs through petrol. As you are using an old engine, you should check its exhaust and combustion chamber properly. Another thing to do is attach a small gear to the engine, which will further connect with back wheels through a small chain.

Make Space to Set the Engine

Then make a platform to set the engine into the frame. You should use the screws because the engine needs to be secure inside the frame.

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Set the Front Wheels

It’s time to work on the front wheel. Make an L-shape stand to connect the wheel with the help of pieces of hollow pipes and metal plates. You have to ensure that the wheels can move around the corners and edges.

Attach the Remote Control Device

After you are done with the wheels, get the remote control device and attach it with the metal plate which is placed on the front wheel. Then check if it is working or not.

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Connect the ESC and Battery

Get a plastic container and place it in the middle of the frame. Then connect the ESC and the Li-Po battery with the radio controller. It would help if you were careful while working with those cables, or else there will be loose connections. Keep the container close if possible.

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Check with A Test Drive

When you have ensured all the arrangements, then you should use a test drive. Just pour the fuel and pull strain. Here comes the satisfying sound of your custom-made RC. Give it a go around your house to its performance.

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Paint Your Car If You Want

Your RC might look messed up after finishing. Therefore, paint the frame and other parts to give it a good look and make it attractive to you.

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Some Pro-Tips for You

We want to recommend some tips that may prove useful while building your RC car. First of all, ensure your safety when working with a drilling machine, metal cutter, or shouldering kits. Always double-check all the measurements before cutting or drilling. While working with the wire, make sure the connection is secure enough.

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Are you worried about the cost of an RC but still passionate? Then follow the instructions on how to build a gas-powered RC car from scratch. Well, it will not be like other fancy RCs, but it will be worth your hard work. Wish you good luck.



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