How To Make Nitro Fuel In A Cheap Way

Though nitro fuel can boost the RPM and horsepower of motor racing, drag racing cars, and radio-controlled models but most car owners don’t know how to make intro fuel. The process is straightforward and the entire thing needed is a proper guideline. That’s why we come out with:

  • List of ingredient needed for nitro fuel
  • Proper process
  • User guideline
  • And more!
How To Make Nitro Fuel

What’s in Nitro Fuel?

Walking down to the local hobby shop to get nitro fuel can be a daunting task. There are so many variations however the basic components are the same. Choosing the right mixture is what sets the blends and the brands apart from other, however following three ingredients exist in all the brands. 

  • Methanol or methyl alcohol: is the key ingredient and it offers the most explosive properties to fire the engine.
  • Nitromethane: this simple compound is made of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen atoms.
  • Lubricants

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How To Make Nitro Fuel

Making your nitro fuel is not so hard. Three ingredients are going to need including Methanol, Nitromethane, and Lubricants. However living in other countries you can’t get these ingredients easily, if you live in America you guys can get it much easier from online.

Remember, you can’t use two-stroke oil, it doesn’t work, especially if it’s petroleum-based on just suffering like a giant mess. Same if it’s synthetic, depending on which ones you get. And for oil you can use Klotz BeNOL Racing 2-Stroke Pre-Mix Castor Oil, or Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil with RC car engines. 

The number is supposed to be 128 ounces. So for 20% nitro 12% oil, it will make one US gallon. You will have to wind up 25.6 ounces nitromethane castor oil with 15.36 ounces methanol, and 87.4 ounces oil that is for 20% nitro 12% oil similar to Byron’s. And for 30% you will have to go with again 100.

So with 38.4 ounces of nitromethane, you will have to mix 15.36 ounces castor oil and 74.24 ounces methanol. And that will make you a 30% blend.

Obviously, you just don’t have the nitrile method, you’d have to do a little bit of extra math on that But if you are going to use or make FBI fuel or zero nitro or just regular glow fuel, that is usually depending on what you’re going to do with it is 8550 and mixture, you can use 1090 that works fine to or if you’re going to be using airplanes an 8020 mixture is fine as well. 

How Much Nitro Do I Need?

It’s a vital question and can be complex. But following the manufacturer’s suggestion will be a good point to start. Usually, manufacturers ensure the safe side and offer the dosage to increase the engine life rather than performance. 

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The next consideration should be the purpose of usage. If you want to use the engine to have fun running, then you should use fuel with more lubricants and reduce the amount of nitro content. It will help maximize the life of the sleeve and piston. 

As a racer, if you want an engine with maximum horsepower, you can go for the high nitro content that is usually 30%. Keep in mind that race rules usually set the limitation of using maximum content of nitro in a fuel.


Is Nitro Fuel Doesn’t Catch Fire?

It’s not true. It may seem not burning since the flame keeps invisible. But it will burn surely if you set it with fire. That’s why it should be treated like other flammable liquid.

Is It Ok To Switch Up Brands And Nitro Levels?

Yes, you are allowed to switch brands or nitro levels since it is safe. You should retune the engine slightly however nitro engines get tuned with each use. You can notice the difference if you finish off a tank with a fuel brand and then refill it with other brands during the same driving session.

Final words

Nitro fuel is such a blend that maximizes the power output; however, people don’t know how to make nitro fuel. The process we mentioned above will have you complete the operation but you have to be careful about the measurement.

Hope you will have the most advantage from the blend with higher rpm and horsepower. Keep in mind, using a higher amount of nitro fuel can overtaxing engines with excessive heat.



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