Traxxas GTR Shocks Vs Big Bore

Traxxas GTR Shocks vs Big Bore, which is the most reliable option while both are equally popular? However, it’s a common question among crawlers but the answer isn’t commonly available. That’s why we come out with this guide covering:

  • Comparison in different features
  • Choosing the right one
  • Some relevant FAQ and answer
  • And much more!
Traxxas GTR Shocks Vs Big Bore Shocks

Quick Comparison

NameTraxxas GTR ShockTraxxas Big Bore Shock
BodyMachined, threaded, aluminum bodyHard-anodized & PTFE-coated T6 aluminum body
ShocksBlue-anodized aluminum GTR ShocksHard-anodized shock
ShaftHard-chrome shaftsTitanium-nitride coated shafts
PerformanceOffer ultimate in damping performance  Provide consistent lap-after-lap controlwithstand the pressures of biggest jumps
SpringIts vented spring perches greatly help prevent dirt from packing around the X-ring sealsIncludes progressive rate springs that efficiently soak up small bumps and prevent the car from bottoming out on larger jumps.
AccessoriesComes in full assembly with four-set and includes  silicone fluidcome fully assembled with springs and shock oil 
CompatibilityFits 1/10 scale Traxxas Revo, Slayer, and Summit modelsSuitable for most of the Traxxas RTR vehicles
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Difference Between Traxxas GTR Shocks And Big Bore

Ball joins

Edge: Traxxas GTR Shocks

Traxxas GTR has a bigger ball joint than a big bore. Besides the construction quality of Traxxas GTR is better than the big bore.

It comes with a smaller ball joint which can be broke or separated easily.


Edge: None

With hard-chrome shafts, Traxxas GTR effectively resists stiction and offers smooth action and consistent performance.

On the other hand, Traxxas big bore includes titanium-nitride coated shafts that promise incredible durability and an almost frictionless ride to offer ultra-smooth damping.

Shock body and caps

Edge: None

Traxxas GTR is made of blue-anodized aluminum GTR Shocks which offer ultimate damping performance. Besides, it provides the operator consistent lap-after-lap control.

On the other hand, Traxxas big bore is made of hard-anodized & PTFE-coated T6 aluminum shock that can withstand the pressures of the biggest jumps. Besides both the shock come with full assembly and includes shock oil.

Tune ability

Edge: Traxxas GTR Shocks

Traxxas GTR is more tuneable than the big bore. Thus it will offer more smooth and frictionless performance comparing a big bore.  

Big bore work pretty well when it comes to run with some heavyweight. It can run with 70 lb in the rear and 50lb in the front. Even considering the pre-loaded spaces, no one really goes down to the really small ones to kind of run the fat ones until it works.

If you want to travel in a mountain or rough terrain both the Traxxas shock will offer your reliable performance.


Edge: None

The Traxxas GTR has got linear rate springs. Moreover, GTR comes with an oversized spring collar to provide easy and accurate preload adjustments.

Conversely, big bore shock comes with Progressive rate springs which can efficiently soak up small bumps and prevent the RC car from bottoming out on larger jumps.

Build quality

Edge: None

Traxxas big bore is made with hard-anodized & PTFE-coated T6 aluminum shock body. if you want something durable, then GTR shock will be a good idea. Even running pretty harder with thick oil in any type of terrain, this shock set will offer you reliable performance.

Traxxas GTR shock is design with a machined, threaded, and aluminum body. The big-bore will offer a quality run. It won’t leak or you won’t face any problem with its ultra shock. So if you are looking for a shock that is stronger and ultrasonic we will recommend you to go for Traxxas big bore shock.

Besides, both of the shock designs with shoulder screws. However, they are shorter but can effectively tighten the shock with the main body.

Traxxas GTR Shocks Vs Big Bore- Which One To Choose?

Considering all the quality, tenability, and features Traxxas GTR shock will stay right at the top. GTR shock design is a bit thicker and they are threaded. Besides this shock set can hold up really well. However, this type of shock popping off but still it is considerable. Big bore shock comes in a bigger size which won’t fit ideally like GTR. So, overall Traxxas GTR will be a bright decision over the big bore shock.


How To Fill Traxxas Big Bore Shocks?

Firstly, fully extend the shaft using the piston to the bottom. Fill the Traxxas Big Bore shocks with oil until the meniscus is about 1mm or 1/32″ from the top of the shock body.

Can I Change Traxxas Shocks Myself?

If you need to replace Traxxas shock absorbers and don’t want to pay to the experts, then you are allowed to do it yourself. All you need a little effort.  Shock increases the RC car’s overall performance by proving a smooth ride.

How To Stop Traxxas Slash From Flipping?

Usually, Traxxas Slash isn’t designed for high-speed runs. so you will have to tighten up the suspension and practice the turning control.  Adjusting the shock to move the bottom out can help keep away from flipping. Even it will add extra spacers to create more loads on the shocks.

Final words

In this Traxxas GTR vs Big-Bore debating guide, we have covered all the possible information and compare them so the visitor can have clear knowledge. Both the Traxxas shock is made of heavy-duty construction and can challenge the tough terrain to offer a smooth crawling experience.

But when it comes to choosing one, compatibility plays the key role while it ensures an ideal fit for best performance. Hope you have to find the combating guide helpful enough and choose the most desirable one based on the information.



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