Best Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative

Today we are going to share with you some of the best power wheels 12v battery alternatives that you are searching for to boost the crawling performance.

These battery alternatives are very easy to carry and install. In this RC Valleys guide, you’ll learn:

  • Best power wheels 12v battery alternative
  • How you can upgrade a power wheel battery
  • How to make power wheels battery long-lasting
  • And much more!
Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative
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Top 8 Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite power wheels battery upgrade.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery Alternative

Power Wheels 12-Volt Rechargeable Battery

Why is it better?
● Charger included.
● Suitable for any 12v power wheel.
● Prevent premature battery failure.

The 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery is the best power wheels 12v battery alternative in our list that offer the best possible performance. Besides, the durable battery ensures maximum playtime for the RC vehicle.

If you are searching for a battery alternative that allows you for high-speed adventures, this is the perfect battery that you should get. The key feature of the battery alternative is its design such a way that it can prevent premature battery failure.

So you don’t need to worry about any accidental situation. If you want to go with a reputed brand to upgrade your power wheels this 12-Volt Rechargeable Replacement Battery will be the right option.

Most importantly, the battery comes with an instruction booklet that has important safety information.

What We Liked
  • Charger included.
  • Suitable for any 12v power wheel.
  • Prevent premature battery failure.
What We Didn’t Like
  • May make a rattling sound.

Power Wheels 12v Battery Alternative Reviews

SafeAMP 12-Volt Battery Replacement Battery alternative for Power Wheels

SafeAMP 12-Volt Battery Replacement Battery Alternative For Power Wheels

This Power Wheels 12-Volt Battery alternative from SafeAMP is 100% compatible with a 12-Volt Gray Battery. With ideal damnation, its connector will perfectly fit with your Power Wheels vehicle and Power Wheels charger.

Besides, the battery alternative features a thermal fuse that will automatically brake and cut all power to the vehicle if the motor, electric system and battery get overloaded. The battery will not charge and the vehicle will not operate if the fuse down. If it needs to replace, don’t worry as the manufacturer offers 3 extra fuses to ensure convenient use.

What We Liked
  • Proper dimension.
  • The connector will fit perfectly.
  • Replaceable 30 AMP fuse included.
  • Comes with an instruction booklet.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Connector is fragile.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels 12-Volt Battery alternative

Fisher-Price Power Wheels 12-Volt Battery Alternative

This Fisher-Price Power Wheels 12-Volt Battery alternative is specially designed to complete your rigorous Power Wheels requirements. The battery alternative will offer the best performance in your RC car. To prevent any accidental situation the battery comes with both an internal and self-resetting fuse.

The key feature of the battery is it’s a durable one that offers extra playtime for Power Wheels car. As a result, the driver will get some confidence behind the wheel. If you are looking for a battery alternative that will give you the independence for riding a truck, car, and ATV this will be a suitable one.

What We Liked
  • Lightweight.
  • Built for hours of fun.
  • Includes an internal fuse.
  • Offer endless backyard adventures.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Only for Fisher-Price Power wheels.

Universal Peg Perego Replacement 12V Battery alternative

Universal Peg Perego Replacement 12V Battery Alternative

If you are looking for a fully charged and fully assembled battery alternative, let’s try this Universal Peg Perego Replacement 12V Battery. The battery alternative comes previously assembled, so you don’t need to worry about the setup.

The battery will be suitable for all 12v ride cars that are licensed by Peg Perego such as the John Deere tractor and Gator. The key feature of the battery alternative is it includes 15 amps while most of the brands offer 12 amps.

As a result, it will keep you one step ahead of other competitors while you are outdoor. Besides, the battery alternative is made with an improved accessible in-line safety fuse to prevent any accidental situation.

What We Liked
  • Suitable for Peg Perego license RC car.
  • Offer a 1-year replacement warranty.
  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • Includes 15 amps.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not suitable for the blue connector.

JONATURE 12V 12AH power wheels battery upgrade for Peg Perego Gator

JONATURE 12V 12AH Power Wheels Battery Upgrade For Peg Perego Gator

The next on our list is the 12V 12AH Replacement Battery from Pyram. This battery alternative is also suitable for Peg Perego 12 Volt ride-on toys. It is made with high-quality rechargeable sealed lead acid that offers excellent performance.

Simultaneously, it ensures a long service life. If you have Polaris Two Sweater Race Car and want to boost its running time you should pick this Pyram 12V 12AH Replacement Battery. As it designs with a simple domestic socket it will allow you to easily recharge your RC car.

Even you can charge the battery while it on the RC toy. With a lightweight design, this battery alternative is also easy to transport.

What We Liked
  • Ready to go.
  • Easy installation.
  • Arrives fully charged.
  • Offer a 1-year warranty.
What We Didn’t Like
  • None.

Lumenivo 12-Volt power wheels battery upgrade

Lumenivo 12-Volt Power Wheels Battery Upgrade

This Lumenivo Replacement Battery is fully compatible with all Power Wheels 12-Volt that use the Gray Battery. The battery alternative will boost RC car run time and provide extra power.

Especially, its Connector will fit perfectly in Power Wheels vehicle and Power Wheels charger. With a lightweight design, the battery alternative is also easy to transport.

What We Liked
  • Perfectly fit connector.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Great for the price.
  • Compatible with 12 volt Gray Battery.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Not compatible with orange top battery.

VAIX 12V Battery alternative for 12 Volt Kid Trax Ride On Dodge Viper

VAIX 12V Battery Alternative For 12 Volt Kid Trax Ride On Dodge Viper

If you want to upgrade your Kid Trax ride-on Dodge Viper, Scout Disney Mickey Minnie Mouse Coupe this VAIX 12V Battery and Charger Combo will be suitable for you. The battery alternative comes with a wiring harness and cable accessories so it will make your upgrading process easier than others.

At the same time, its small blue plug will allow you to connect the battery alternative quickly. As the best battery alternative comes with a fully charged, it means the battery is ready to go.

What We Liked
  • Ready to go.
  • Includes wiring harness.
  • Comes with a small blue plug.
  • Suitable for Disney Mickey Mouse Coupe Child Ride On Car.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Fuse is from average quality.

JONATURE 12V 12AH Battery alternative Combo Kit for Peg Perego Polaris RZR

JONATURE 12V 12AH Battery Alternative Combo Kit For Peg Perego Polaris RZR

12V 12AH Battery is another great addition from the Pyram brand and this time it comes with Combo Kit. The battery alternative is suitable for Peg Perego John Deere Gator, Gaucho Rock’ in, and Polaris Slingshot Polaris.

The key feature of this battery alternative is its design such a way that it allows you to install easily and it ensure exact fit. Moreover, this high-quality rechargeable sealed lead acid battery not only ensures excellent performance but long service life. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty based on makes sure that it is fully charged after each use.

What We Liked
  • New 12V 12Ah battery.
  • Arrives fully charged.
  • Easy installation.
  • Ensure exact fit.
What We Didn’t Like
  • None.

How you can upgrade a 12v power wheel battery?

The bad news is the power wheels battery won’t long. But the good news is you can upgrade your power wheels to continue the enjoyment of your kids. In this section, we will discuss how to make it run much longer by using the same charger.  Most importantly you can quadruple the capacity of the battery at the same cost as the power wheels battery.

Why You Should Upgrade The 12v Power Wheel’s Battery?

If you are an RC tractor or RC lawn user you can easily get a battery at $25 but it won’t last over 6 months, however, the solution is not too bad. But you should not fully discharge it as they aren’t designed for that. Rather than getting a new one, you can still use it. All you have to do is getting a standard power wheels battery as these can prevent overheating. This type of battery is made with a sealed lead acid deep cycle like wheelchair batteries.

  • Some safety issues that you should consider before upgrading a power wheels battery.
  • Ensure that you have checked the following issue before your kids start riding on modified power wheels!
  • You must make them secured in the battery compartment.
  • Check that if there have some loose wire and covered them with electrical tape.
  • Ensure that the battery matches the motor, ride on a car usually uses an SLA style battery.
  • If you willing to improve the amperage of the battery, ensure that you have a replaceable fuse or a powerful breaker.
  • If you want to enhance the voltage to 18 volts or 24 volts, check that you have an equivalent volt charger too.

How To Make 12v Power Wheels Battery Long-Lasting

Step 1:  first of all get the female battery adapter from the old one. Get the wire as much as possible but don’t open the sealed battery acid sections.  However this step is not compulsory but it will make the install process safer, easier, and compatible with the old charger.

Step 2: Then attach the black wire of the female battery to the negative terminal of the new battery. Conversely, attach the white wire to the positive battery terminal. Ensure that these two wires are completely covered with electrical tape.

Step 3:  let’s keep it safe into your RC car so that it won’t fall out if your RC car falls over. At the same time secure the hood so your kids can’t access the battery compartment.

Step 4:  finally plug the female and male connectors together and you are ready to go. Before charging the new battery you should plug and unplug the charger to check it.

Step 5 for Obsessive-Compulsive: to make it advanced get a voltage gauge with wire so you can directly control the battery with a button.  It will not only help your kids push the button to read the battery voltage but you can easily know when to charge the battery or when to stop. As a bonus, your kids will get the opportunity to learn to read numbers and it will make them familiar with real-world functions!

How to check a power wheel battery and bring it back to life

Are you facing trouble with your battery? Almost every RC crawler has experience report that their battery won’t hold a charge anymore. Let me clear the misconception: an RC power wheels battery is not like a water bottle as you can’t use the first half and then after some time use the second half.

Even it is also not like the tank of electricity. Moreover, the power wheels battery doesn’t get leak power like water. The entire thing you will get in is a lead-acid battery in a plastic box that covers a subtle balance of chemicals that are ready to cooperate.

As a result, you will get electricity while the load is applied. So if your power wheel battery gets trouble producing electricity, the reason behind is chemical.

Testing a battery

However, power wheels include a traditional charger but are unable to test the battery’s charge. Even wall-mount chargers are also unable to test a battery. As a result, it has no exceptions. So the million-dollar question is can I use smart chargers to test it? Well, the answer is a bit complicated.

Though smart chargers can test a battery’s charge, it is not sure you will always get the right result. If your battery charger sited idle for some month and after that, you connect it to a smart charger, it will receive insignificant voltage and it may fail to recognize the battery. Even don’t get surprised if you notice the error light pops up.

The first power wheel battery cheeking means your RC toy gets a start or not. On the other hand, people don’t check the battery unless the toy refuses to work or something goes wrong. So it is recommended that you should verify the power wheels battery every two to three months using a smart charger.

Getting it back to life

  • One of the easiest ways to getting an almost dead power wheel battery back to life is using a parallel charge. These steps will help you to make it possible.
  • Let’s get a full charge battery with the same voltage as your power wheel battery.
  • Then connect the negative and positive spade connectors from your power wheels battery to the relevant terminals on the fully charged battery.
  • At this time discharged power wheels battery will start taking a few voltages from the parallel battery and it will make the combined voltage below 12 volts.
  • Then plug the charger into a circuit that has no charge. After the light turning green, let’s remove the parallel battery and connect the charger clamps just for leads the power wheels battery’s charging plug.
  • Keep charging for some hour until the light gets green as it will indicate that the power wheel wheels battery has been fully charged.

How To Avoid The 12v Dead Of Battery

  • You should not charge the power wheel battery for more than 12-15 hours at a stretch.
  • If you want to get the best result, you should remove the battery before store the RC toy for a few months.
  • Charge the battery once for eight hours every two to three months to counter the battery’s natural discharge rate.
Final words

Power Wheels 12v battery alternative is such a way that ensure never-ending and smile on kids’ faces. It is always recommended that before choosing a battery alternative; check the power wheels user manual. Is there any special suggestion or not. Besides, choose the battery alternative perfectly suits the power vehicle. If you want to make it upgrade rather than change, still you are welcome. But be aware of the safety matter that we mention above. So let’s get back the track again for even better performance.



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