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9 Best Power Wheels For 2 Year Old

Today we will share with you some of the best power wheels for 2 year old that are amazingly designed with safety and durability in mind. These are lightweight and ready to offer your two-year-old kid’s realistic driving experience with their real looking design and tools.

However, many brands provide power wheels for 2 years old kids, but we pick the safest and long-lasting toy.

Best Power Wheels For 2 Year Old

Quick Comparison

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
JOHN1. Costzon Parental Remote Control Ride on Car● 12V Rechargeable Battery.
● Remote control distance: 33 FT.
● Two modes operated. 90-120 minutes playtime.
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JOHN2. Mercedes Benz Kids Ride on Car● Up to 2 hours playtime.
● Long Range Parent Remote Control.
● Bright LED Lights. Advanced 12V battery.
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JOHN3. Power Wheels Dune Racer for kids● Lightweight.
● 12-volt battery and charger.
● Two forward drive speeds.
● Metal sidebars for hand support.
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JOHN4. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor● 2-speed mode.
● Working FM radio.
● 12-volt rechargeable battery.
● Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes.
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JOHN5. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler● 5 mph max speed.
● Supports up to 130 pounds.
● 12-volts of battery power.
● Three color choice available.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Costzon Licensed Maserati Gbili 12V Remote Control Ride On Car

Costzon Licensed Maserati Gbili 12V Ride On Car

Why is it better?
● Realistic look.
● Reasonable price.
● Comfortable seat.
● Two modes operated.

Costzon Ride on Car is the best power wheel for 2 years old kids filled with plenty of features. Its 12v powerful battery allows your kids to continuously riding up to 120 minutes. So the kids can enjoy abundantly both indoor and outdoor. That’s makes it the best battery powered ride on toys for 2-year-olds.

Besides, it includes two motors that ensure stable driving. If you are concern about safety issues, then you should consider these power wheels. The best toy cars for 2-year-old come with Comfortable seat with a safety belt. So your kids not only get a large space to sit but a secure driving experience.

The power wheels are Equipped with working head/rear lights, music, a working horn, and a one-button start. The entire feature is ready to provide a realistic riding experience. Similarly, kids can easily open the door for convenient getting on/off. 3-4.5km/h speed range makes it ideal for two-year-old kids as it is neither high speed nor low.

The power wheel offers both remote control mode for the young kids and manual mode for the kids who can pedal on foot. Plus, it is equipped with a pull handle that allows carrying anywhere without much effort. So it’s a perfect gift for your kids to make them active with their friends.

What We Liked
  • Realistic look.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Two modes operated.
What We Didn’t Like

    Top 9 Best Power Wheels For 2 Year Old (Expert Picks)

    Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite power wheels.

    • Costzon Licensed Maserati Gbili 12V Ride On Car
    • Moderno Licensed Mercedes Benz 12V Electric Car
    • Power Wheels Dune Racer For 2 Years Old Kids
    • Peg Perego 12v Ground Force Tractor with Trailer
    • Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler
    • Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz G63 Ride On Car For Kids
    • Costzon Battery-Powered Ride-On Excavator
    • Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor For Kids
    • Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle Toy For Toddlers
    Table Of Contents

    Review Of power wheels for 2 year old

    Moderno Kids Licensed Mercedes Benz 12V Electric Ride On Car

    Moderno Kids Licensed Mercedes Benz 12V Electric Ride On Car

    Let’s surprise your two-year old girl with this pink Mercedes Benz Kids Ride on Car. However, two other colors also available, but it will be great for your loving kids. With improved efficiency and enhanced performance, these wheels can hold up to 60 lb. Keep safety in mind; the manufacturer designs the power wheel with 2 to 5 Mph speed.

    Most importantly, its remote parent feature will give you full control of the Mercedes to ensure the safe drive until they learn how to drive. To feel you free from worry, this power wheels feature safety seat belt and 3 different speeds on the remote. On the other hand, its long lasting 12V battery will ensure longer driving Time.

    The best ride-on for 2-year-old also offers audiobooks with loud and clear speakers to keeps your kids entertained while driving. The manufacturer adds extended seat space, rubber Tires, and a leather seat that makes the car extremely safe and comfortable for the kids.

    Its battery life display will make aware of the charge as well as bright, led light offers a realistic experience. The power wheel easily allows you to transport the wheel like luggage as it is made with a lightweight design. It also includes a long-range parent remote control feature. 

    What We Liked
    • Long-lasting.
    • Realistic LED lights.
    • Foam rubber tires.
    • Spacious PU leather seats and seat belt.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • A bit pricey.

    Power Wheels Dune Racer for 2 years kids

    Power Wheels Dune Racer For 2 Years Kids

    Fisher-Price Power Wheels offer a fun and safe way to get your 2 years old kids into the driving world. Especially the wheel is designed for off-road that features a monster traction drive system. So it will be suitable on wet grass, hard surfaces, and rough terrain.

    The sturdy frame and open cockpit design make it roomy enough to handle two riders. On the other hand, it’s two forward drive speeds and the rechargeable battery offers hours of fun. To prevent any damage and accident situation, the designer amazingly adds power lock brake system in these wheels.

    Besides, it comes with metal sidebars for hand support that also boost comfortable driving opportunity. 2.5- 5 mph speed makes the monster wheel appropriate for two years old kids. Similarly 12-volt rechargeable battery offers hours of fun. Most importantly, the wheel has more legroom if you compare it with other models. With its high-quality body structure, the vehicle can effectively bear 60lb.

    What We Liked
    • Awesome look.
    • Large Legroom.
    • Slow and fast speed.
    • Battery lasts for a while.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • Plastic caps on the frame of wheels don’t stay on.

    Peg Perego John Deere Tractor for 2 years old kids

    Peg Perego John Deere Tractor For 2 Years Old Kids

    Considering the verity of choice, we add this Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor to our list. It will take your kids outdoor play excitement to the next level. The best part is kids will delight in listening to the FM radio while driving this large tractor. Especially it allows 2 years olds kids practicing load up the extra-large trailer and deliver their payload.

    The key feature of the power wheels is it comes with an accelerator pedal with automatic brakes. So you don’t need to worry while your kids are playing with this large vehicle. Even if you live in a grassy area or want to allow your kids to play in the dirt, gravel surfaces, still it will be a suitable option. Thanks to its farm tractor wheels that provide enough traction on grass, dirt, gravel, or pavement.

    So it’s a great chance to prepare kids for future outdoor activities. Its rechargeable battery ensures hours of fun while 4WD farm tractor wheels make driving a breeze. The power wheel includes adjustable seat will allow your kids to make it comfortable in their way. Finally, two-speed modes make it perfect for two years old kids.

    What We Liked
    • Stylish look.
    • Adjustable seats.
    • High traction wheels.
    • Extra-large stake-side trailer.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • Some mention about battery.

    Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler for 2 years old

    Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler For 2 Years Old

    It’s quite hard to find kids who don’t love Disney frozen. So surprise your kids with this Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler in the next birthday or Christmas. The car is specially designed to look like the real thing as it has roll bars, real working doors, a distinctive grille, and a rear storage area.

    As a bonus feature for frozen lovers, this power wheel offers to pretend radio with songs from the Disney Frozen movie. On the other hand, it comes with 12-volts of battery power to allow your kids to drive in on hard surfaces and grass. The best part of this frozen power wheel is it is not only good looking but durable and safe.

    It designs with a sturdy frame that allows up to 130 pounds. Simultaneously, its Power-Lock brakes system can automatically stop the car if it finds your kids foot out off the pedal. Even it has a high-speed lockout option for the speed lover.

    What We Liked
    • Sturdy frame.
    • Supports up to 130 pounds.
    • High-speed lockout option.
    • Great for Disney frozen lover.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • The battery is not of high quality.

    Uenjoy 12v Ride On Car for 2 years old Girls and Boys

    Uenjoy 12v Ride On Car For 2 Years Old Girls And Boys

    Next, we have another Mercedes-Benz model from Uenjoy. The power wheel comes with plenty of changeable appearances. So your 2 years old kids can enjoy a variety of cool shapes with different driving experiences. For example, kids can remove its windows from both sides to adjust the doors’ height.

    Similarly, the power wheels come with two modes, including parental remote control and manual operation. So as a parent, you can help your kids control this vehicle with a 2.4G wireless remote controller. Conversely, a young baby can enjoy himself by electric foot pedal and steering wheel.

    This best ride on toys for 2-year-olds also offers a range of functionality, including built-in music, working radio, LED lights, and more. To make it the safest car in the class, the manufacturer designs it with a spring suspension system.

    So it will reduces vibration and provide smooth drive while kids are on muddy surface. Similarly, its seat belt and double lockable door design ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Most importantly, the power wheel design with large capacity to allow kids for free movement. Considering all the features it’s indeed the best power wheel for 2 years old.

    What We Liked
    • Adjustable seat.
    • Realistic experience.
    • Power display function.
    • Emergency brake for safety.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • A bit pricy.

    Costzon 12v Battery Powered Kids Ride-on Excavator

    Costzon 12v Battery Powered Kids Ride-On Excavator

    This Costzon Excavator is the fantastic and functional pedal-powered wheels for 2 years, old kids. It provides a real working bucket for loads of fun with a realistic style. Besides, it dramatically helps kids in hand and eye coordination and builds kids’ talent and development.

    Most importantly, it allows enjoying your kids being a construction worker. On the other hand, it comes with a great combination of sturdy and durable material. The producer made it with PP raw material and ironware to ensure durability. Its wheels are also strong enough to withstand slight collision as it is made from PE material.

    Similarly, its waterproof and easy-to-clean feature offers 100% satisfaction to every kid’s parents. The high light feature of the power wheel is it has a flexible front loader. So it can scoop up large piles of dirt, sand, or snow to give your 2 years old kids extra fun.

    It has a long battery that offers 1.5 hours of nonstop play. The power wheel also includes a comfortable seat with a safety belt to ensure the safest drive. At the same time, its tough patterns and plastics tires offer kids a comfortable driving environment. Finally, its stylish design will help your kids gets an extra attraction.

    What We Liked
    • Long battery life.
    • Affordable price.
    • Flexible front loader.
    • Durable and long-lasting.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • Not available in California.

    Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor for kids

    Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor For Kids

    Another best power wheels on our list are Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor. It greatly allows you kids to keep an eye on the tools while operating the controls as it built-in dashboard with gauges. The power wheel’s key feature is it comes with large tractor wheels, so your kids can easily ride on any terrain.

    Similarly, it allows kids to take a load of mulch out to the flowerbeds or harvest a few tomatoes. As a result, it will boost his social communication skills. The highlight feature of the power wheel is its designs with a large adjustable bucket seat. The feature will ensure a comfortable and smooth drive whiles your kids on an uneven surface.

    The power wheel for 2 years old has easy to pedal with enclosed bicycle chain driveability. Most importantly, it features easy to assemble, so the toy offer ready to run advantage. So, if you are searching for smooth edges, a solid build, and a realistic look farm tractor for your 2 years old kids for next birthday or Christmas, it will be the right option.

    What We Liked
    • Detachable trailer.
    • Lightweight design.
    • Pedal and chain drive.
    • Made from a high-quality rubber material.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • The plastic tire may slip on the grass.

    Kidzone 6v Ride on Motorcycle Toy for 2 years old Toddlers

    Kidzone 6v Ride On Motorcycle Toy For 2 Years Old Toddlers

    The Kidzone Ride on Motorcycle Toy allows your kid to ride along and to be independent of childhood. Besides, it helps you to teach them traffic sense. It will be suitable for any toddler as it is perfectly functional with 3 wheels. The two wheels in the back especially give much-needed stability and amazingly help avoid the bike from tipping over.

    The power wheel is made with waterproof anti-slip wheels and non-toxic plastic material to ensure durability and longevity. So your 2 years old kid will enjoy a smooth riding experience on both indoor and outdoor. Most importantly, the chargeable battery operated feature makes it an environmentally-friendly power wheel.

    With its 6V ride-on toy, the toddler can control a bright LED headlight, an accelerator pedal, and a realistic key switch. So the kids will get the most realistic driving experience. As the Kidzone Ride on Motorcycle Toy offers a maximum of 1.9mph, you don’t need to worry about their safety. The best power wheels for 2 years old kids are allowed 66lbs as it is made with non-toxic plastic. At the same time, it offers 1-2 hours nonstop riding fun.

    What We Liked
    • Nontoxic plastic.
    • Exciting and safe.
    • Budget-friendly.
    • Realistic experience.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • Battery voltage is lower than the competitor.

    EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride On Toy both for Kids and Adults

    EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride On Toy Both For Kids And Adults

    Are you a tallying fan and searching or a roller ride on toys for 2-year-old? Here ends your journey as we are offering you EzyRoller New Pro-X Ride-on Toy. It’s an award-winning tallying toy that is long-lasting and durable. With low-to-the-ground stability and easy navigation, this power wheel will offer your kids a fantastic ride on.

    The key feature of the wheels is it designed to carry more adult weight with allowing for longer legs. So it provides an excellent opportunity for a parent to enjoy rolling with a kid at the same time. The manufacturer upgraded the power wheel with softer padding, increased back support, and responsive braking. To enjoy the speed with your 2 years of kids, it allows you to run 10MPH speed.

    It means the faster you push, the quicker you move. The great advantage of the best power wheel for 2 years old is an excellent source of getting exercise with children. Most importantly it has an easy-access side brake that makes for quick stops and rad drifting action. Plus, the power wheel design with middle bar extends to suitably fit your kid’s leg length.

    What We Liked
    • Affordable price.
    • Adjustable length.
    • Responsive brakes.
    • Self-propelling action.
    What We Didn’t Like
    • Doesn’t have drifter wheels.

    The advantages of gifting power wheels To Your 2-year-Old Kids

    Power wheels not only come to offer an unmatched feeling of wonder on your 2-years kid’s face but a slew of touchable advantages attached to them. The following are some key benefits that will have a significant impact on your kids.

    Increases overall motor skills

    The most important benefits that allow your kids to ride power wheels are it improves their motor skills. However, it isn’t as complicated as a real vehicle, but these are pretty stylish devices for 2 years kids. Manipulating the steering wheels, dashboard, brakes, and other wheels’ components helps you kids gain much better hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. As a result, your kids gain mastery of their senses by riding these toys.

    Promotes physical activity

    You can easily gift your kids a smartphone. But all you will get is a slew of physical and psychological hazards. Conversely, a power wheel will encourage them to go out and get some fresh air. As a primarily outdoor activity, it will invite your kids to do the most needed step for outside. So it’s an excellent chance for you to create a way to bring overall well-being. Moreover, which parents don’t want to love to see a kid driver?

    Increases their sense of balance 

    The best power wheel for 2 years old kids will make your kids familiar with the taste of drive. So it will both let them drive and develop their sense of balance. Most importantly, it will help in the future as athletes or in related physical activities.

    Develops spatial intelligence and confidence

    As a driver, it will boost your kid’s confidence. When they realize they can drive like mommy and daddy, they will feel outstanding achievement. According to specialists, it helps kids to develop their spatial intelligence. While your kids navigate obstacles with the power wheels, it will improve their sense of spatial interaction. Finally, it will bring far-reaching helpful effects on intelligence as they grow up.

    Feature To Consider While Buying The Power Wheels For 2 Years Old

    It’s a bit hard to find the proper combination of size, speed, type, and more on. Still, you have to concentrate on fun and safe riding. However, most of the manufacturers design their power wheel with the optimum feature, but it’s your job to find the right one. In case you focus on some features that ensure you’re getting the ideal one for your kids.

    Safety and features

    First thing first. You should consider mostly on safety as your kids going riding for the first time. Things like potential crashes, obstacles, and tipping are some of them. It’s common-sense that ensures that you have at least an idea where your kids are going to drive. On the other hand, some power wheel includes a braking system or even their weight use as a stopping mechanism. Power wheels are generally low in speed, and we will only show those product reviews that are safe for a two-year-old child. These are specially designed with child-friendly safety features.

    Another essential feature is protective gear. Some parents appreciate the protective equipment for their kids, but it doesn’t come as standard. We recommend you to choose the quality. If your kids are ride into a low hanging tree and find themselves on a branch, a seat belt and a helmet will significantly keep them.

    Stability and balance

    Through all the brands offer a well-balanced and easy-to-use power wheel, but it’s a general rule to check the strength is high and the risk of tipping is low. You can do this by pushing it from one site to test the overall stability and gravity center.

    Powered battery vs. leg-powered

    What to choose between Powered batteries vs. leg-powered? In my opinion, powered battery power wheels are more stable and offer less likelihood of a tip. 

    Besides, it is only used for handling the steering wheel that is easier than multi-tasking. However, both have a place and time; you should go for battery-powered vehicles. It will help you supervise your kids until you feel they are 100% secure at an early age.

    The right age

    Most notably, check the manufacturing guidelines. Just ask the seller about the exact age, if not stated, will ensure there isn’t a jet-engine under the hood.

    Buying guideline For The best power wheels for 2 year old

    The best power wheels car is the most famous toy and comes with plenty of funny features. So if you are going to buy for the first time, you should do some research to be the winner. I hope this buying guide will help you.

    Bluetooth capability

    If you are a music lover and want to gift power wheels with a synced playlist to your kids, then you are welcomed. Some brands are available in the market that offers this option.

    Seat belts

    Usually, power wheels offer plenty of speed. While providing your 2 years old kid’s speedy fun, you should consider the safety issue. So go for a power wheel that comes with a safety belt and it will keep your kids on any terrain.

    Speed option

    Some brands design their power wheel with a one-speed option while some offer multi-gear. So you should choose a power wheel according to your kid’s behaviors because if he wants to enjoy the speed or driving experience.

    Remote control option

    Remote control advantage is also considered as a safety feature. It will make your decision responsive while they aren’t going to. Besides, check the remote control range carefully to get the most out of it.

    Shock absorbers and suspension

    Are you wanted to buy a power wheel for all-terrain, especially for off-road? Then pick the vehicle with shock absorbers and suspension because it will keep your 2 years old kid comfortable. At the same time, the feature will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the car.

    Towing capabilities

    As a modern and stylish design, some brands are equipped with towing ability. If your kids are interested in outdoor chores, this feature will be ideal.

    Design and construction

    You should highly concentrate on design and construction for your growing kids as it’s a safety issue. Many brands offer power wheel that are made with rubber, nontoxic plastic even offer waterproof and anti-slip wheels. To ensure durability and longevity, you should check this feature.

    On the other hand, avoid cheaply design power wheels. It may cause your kids while outdoor. Go for the toy that has, adjustable seat, enough room, and complete wheel.


    It depends on your budget. However, you should not go for the power wheel offered on a low budget, as it won’t be full of features. If you are buying for the first time, consider a mid-level power wheel for 2 years old kids.

    Power Wheels For-2-Year Old (FAQs)

    What is the weight limit for the best power wheel toys?

    Usually, the manufacturer varies the weight limit of the power wheel toys. The maximum weight limit range is 40-130 pounds. Before purchasing the toys, check the manufacturer’s suggested weight limit.

    Which age is the best for power wheel toys?

    Power wheels are suitable for a wide range of age kids. You can purchase it for your 2-8 years old kids, or even for adults. The best way is to know the age recommendation if it is design for specific age or not.

     Can I adjust my 2 years kid’s ride-on?

    Of course, you can modify your kid’s ride-on. Even many parents do that. Just ensure that it won’t reduce the safety capability and won’t void the existing warranty. The typical modifications are upgrading the motor, increasing battery voltage, and adding tread to the tires.


    Though all the power wheels we mention above are top choices for their category, my overall pick for the best power wheels for 2 year old is the Costzon Parental Remote-Control Ride-on Car. With two operating modes, a powerful battery, budget-friendly, comfortable, and safety design, it earns the top place in our list. But if you mostly concentrate on an outdoor surface, Power Wheels Dune Racer for two years kids will be the right option.



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