Best Remote Control Monster Truck for 5 Year Old In 2020

Best Remote Control Monster Truck for 5 Year Old

Today I will share with you some of the best remote control monster truck for 5 year old to help you find an ideal vehicle for your little one. All kinds of monster trucks are fascinating, attractive, and have great features.

Also, markets are filled with so many options it might be quite difficult for you to find the right one. I have reviewed dozens of monster truck models and bring you the top-rated remote control monster trucks for 5 years old. Let’s dive in.

List of Best Remote Control Monster Truck for 5 Year Old

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
1. Mega Grave RC Monster Truck● This truck has a dual control joystick.
● Long-range frequency of 250 feet.
● The truck uses USB cable charging.
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2. Monster Jam Digger RC Truck● Radio control feature.
● Has authentic monster jam graphics.
● It has fascinating lights and sound.
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3. 4WD Off-Road RC Monster Truck● 2.4Ghz radio control.
● 4WD monster truck  has anti-slip tires.
● The product has a dual motor, front, and back.
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4. FMT Waterproof RC Monster Truck● Frequency range of 80m.
● It has waterproof tires and body.
● Installed overheating protection.
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5. Huge 4×4 Monster RC Truck● Very large over 1 feet tall.
● The truck can spin on 360 degrees.
● Equipped with 4 wheel-drive function.
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Best Remote Control Monster Truck for 5 Year Old In 2020

1. Mega Grave Digger Remote Control Monster Truck

This Mega grave digger monster remote control truck is a heavy-duty performance truck. This truck has big tires and can go any terrain with ease. With the dual control joystick, it is a lot easier to handle. The truck moves forward or backward with just two simple buttons. The truck comes with long-range frequency control. This truck can be controlled by a very long distance of 250 feet.

This monster truck is charged with USB cable charging which is very good. This truck can climb over rocks due to its huge tires. The grip of the tires is very firm. All these features make this truck a must buy toy monster toy truck.

  • The controls are very easy.
  • Length of the truck is 2 feet.
  • This truck has a long handling range.
  • Suitable for kids of 4 years and above.
  • Batteries are not included in the package.

2. Monster Jam Grave Digger RC Truck

This little monster jam grave digger remote control truck has the real authentic stickers of the real big truck. This truck is the same replica of the giant truck. The lights on this truck are mesmerizing. Lights add a lot in its beauty. The roaring and dazzling sound of this monster truck is very good to listen to. The frame of this truck is the same as the original gigantic truck.

The lights and sound of this brushless monster truck are a very attractive feature. The truck is made with very good material. The radio control feature is a good addition to this truck. Because of its big size, this truck is not for kids under 5 years of age. This truck is for children above the age of 5 years.

  • It has authentic graphics.
  • It has a radio control feature.
  • Lights and sounds are amazing.
  • The required batteries are included.
  • Not suitable for children below the age of 5 years.

3. 4WD Off-Road RC Monster Truck

This super-powerful 4 wheel-drive off-road remote-control bashing monster truck can go on any terrain. This monster truck is double powered by dual battery power. The front shining lights provide a classy look to this truck. With its front and back dual-motor, it can climb big rocks. It is equipped with big tires that do not slip on any surface. The tires of this monster truck are made with good quality rubber. Therefore, they are slip-resistant.

This 4×4 off-road truck comes with a radio frequency of 2.4Ghz. As it is a double powered truck, the suspension of this monster truck is also well made. It has a good suspension. All these qualities are rare to be found in any other monster truck.

  • It has radio control.
  • Double powered by dual batteries.
  • Tires are durable and slip-resistant.
  • The design is updated and packing is beautiful.
  • Available in only 1 color.

4. Waterproof RC Monster Truck

If someone likes to drive the monster truck on a wet surface, this waterproof remote-control monster truck performs best on watery terrain. This truck has a streamline waterproof body. And the huge tires that repel water. Size of the tires of this monster truck is very large than any other truck. This beautiful monster truck has a cooling function. This function does not let the batteries get overheat. This feature makes this monster truck safe for the children.

The truck comes with a long-playing range of 80m. Kids just have to sit and enjoy the ride, rather than running beside the truck. This truck has more speed than any other truck available. This monster truck can get to a speed of 46km/h, which is a very good speed for any monster truck.

  • Waterproof body and tires.
  • The speed of this truck is very good.
  • The remote control unit is very handy.
  • The cooling function prevents overheating.
  • Battery running time is low.

5. Huge 4×4 Monster RC Truck

This monster truck is a real monster. It is over 1 foot tall. It has a very rigid and sporty look. It can perform plenty of maneuvers. Despite its big size, it can take a full 360 degrees spin. It comes with jumbo size tires. And a fully working spotlight. It is a real all-wheel-drive vehicle. The suspension is provided to all 4 tires that give great support and stability to the body.

  • 4-wheel-drive powered truck.
  • The design is a very prominent tall body.
  • It is having a very good suspension system.
  • This truck can perform a complete 360-degree spin.
  • Very heavy to lift.

6. Dinosaur RC Monster Truck

This dinosaur shaped truck is beautiful. It looks like a little green dinosaur. Good quality plastic makes it strong. It is lightweight. It has an anti-collision body. It has a shockproof structure. It has a little dinosaur tail that can be removed. It can open and close its mouth which is a very good and interesting feature.

  • The truck is very lightweight.
  • It has an anti-shock structure.
  • Comes in a very beautiful sporty shape.
  • Good quality material is used in its making.
  • Running speed is slow.

7. Rock Crawler RC Monster Truck

This monster truck comes with a very sporty look. It has all the specs of a real truck. It possesses the 4-wheel-drive function and ultra-strong shock absorbers. It has a very beautiful and handy remote controller. It can get through mud, dirt, grass, rocks, or any other surface. It has a long battery life. It is equipped with amazing crawling ability. It can climb on rocks and other surfaces very easily.

  • The best all-terrain tires are used.
  • Made with water-resistant material.
  • Assembled as a shockproof structure.
  • It is equipped with crawling technology.
  • The frequency range is not high.


It was a brief overview of the best remote control monster truck for 5 year old. Considering the age group that is 5 years old the trucks that are the best fit are the Dinosaur RC truck and the Rock Crawler RC monster truck. They are both beautiful, handy, lightweight, and good in performance. The best feature is that they are both shock resistant.


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