Top 7 Best RC Truck Under 150 Dollars

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Best RC Truck Under 150 Dollars

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 5 Picks!

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
JOHN1. Altair 4×4 Fast RC Truck ● Water Resistance IPX4.
● Lithium polymer battery.
● 1:10 Scale monster, Metal Body.
● High speed – Up to 46km/h, 30 MMPH.
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JOHN2. DEERC Brushless RC Truck● Drive System 4WD.
● Super-fast 60KM/H.
● 2*7.4V Li-Po battery.
● 2440 Waterproof brushless motor.
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JOHN3. Redcat Volcano EPX Electric● 4WD Drive System.
● Lithium-Ion battery.
● Low Center Gravity Chassis.
● 19T Brushed 550 electric-motor.
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JOHN4. 1:10 Large Scale RC Truck● Speed Up-to 48km/h.
● Metal Oil-Filled Shock.
● 2.4GHz remote control system.
● High-Quality 7.4/1700mAh
rechargeable batteries.
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JOHN5. Ideal 1:12 Scale 4×4 Truck● 4WD Drive System.
● Speed Up-To 38Km/h.
● IPX4 waterproof electronics.
● 2.4GHz radio-controlled system.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Altair Fast Remote-Control Truck 4x4

Altair Fast Remote-Control Truck 4×4

Why is it better?
● Speeds up to 30pmh.
● Have Imposing design.
● Can scale rock and challenging terrain.

Looking to do some bashing, but can’t afford to wreck your truck, then Altair 4×4  fast remote-control truck is the best truck for under $150. The best is that it got four-wheel independent suspension absorbers and all-terrain wheels that can handle almost anything you find.

Not only is it fast (speed up to 30mph) but also versatile. It can cross rocks, difficult terrain, mud, water, and snow due to the IPX4 Resistance system.

What We Like
  • Speeds up to 30pmh.
  • Have Imposing design.
  • Can scale rock and challenging terrain.
  • US company with great customer service.
What We Don’t Like
  • Some higher-end models are faster.

7 Best RC Truck Under 150 Dollars (Expert Picks)

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite RC truck under $150.

  • Altair 4×4 Fast Remote-Control Speedy Truck
  • DEERC Brushless 4WD Off-Road RC Truck
  • Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Large Scale Truck
  • 1:10 Scale Remote-Control Outdoor Trucks
  • Ideal 1:12 Scale 4×4 Remote Control Trucks
  • Tacon Thriller Short Course Outdoor RC Truck
  • SUBOTECH High-Speed Remote Control Truck

Reviewing The RC Truck Under 150 Dollars

DEERC 1:18 Scale Brushless High-Speed Remote Control Truck

DEERC 1:18 Scale Brushless High-Speed Remote Control Truck

If you want to have a ride with the maximum battery then the perfect 4WD racing toy is DEERC brushless RC truck. The smart remote controller and the professional design will bring you a far superior experience and blowing your senses.

Deerc brushless RC truck has a brushless motor that has 2–3 times longer life and power consumption is 1/3 of the brushed motor. Having an extra PVC truck cover and 2 lasting rechargeable batteries will make u able to have a long-lasting fun.

You can tune the power output easily on the remote controller, from 1 to 10, mild to furious. RC is made of metal sealed ball bearing, anti-skid rubber tires, and anti-vibration oil. RC is Ready to run, whether it is sand, mud, stone rugged, or straight out of the mountain roads.

What We Like
  • Best Scale Size.
  • Tough and Durable.
  • Super-fast shipping.
  • Brushless motor and ESC having 2s batteries.
What We Don’t Like
  • Tires wear out a little bit fast.

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Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

The Redcat Racing Volcano sits high up off the ground because of its massive monster truck wheels, making it perfect for off-road adventures. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck boasts a brushed 550 electric motors, large monster truck tires, 4WD, and a high torque servo.

It’s easy to maneuver with high torque steering and has a solid 2.4GHz radio system. This model can climb almost any barrier like tall grass or rocks, making this a fun truck to take on a hiking trail or simply backyard.

What We Like
  • Have Low center of Gravity.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • A low budget truck Perfect for kids.
  • Can be upgraded easily for more speed.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not the best Charger.
  • The chassis could be more durable.

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1:10 Large Scale High-Speed Remote-Control Truck

1:10 Large Scale High-Speed Remote-Control Truck

The 1:10 large scale high-speed remote-control truck is equipped with high quality and durable components to bring you a great racing experience. You’ll be impressed by its speed, fun controlling experience, and off-road performance.

You can enjoy your ride on any tough environment or rugged road with premium anti-skid heavy duty wheels. The body is made up of alloy material which ensures that it has a strong collision and shockproof body.

The explorer (9204E) off-road truck RC powered by a powerful motor that makes it fun to play with a top speed of 48km/h (30Ml/h). The semi-waterproof and long-lasting battery make it the top-selling RC truck under $150 for kids and also for adults.

What We Like
  • Toddler inhibited.
  • Long-Lasting Battery.
  • High-quality truck parts.
  • High range remote operation.
What We Don’t Like
  • Tires wear out a little bit fast.

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HAIBOXING 1:12 Scale 4×4 All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck

HAIBOXING 1:12 Scale 4x4 All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck

The 1:12 scale Ideal 4×4 RC truck reaches a speed at 38KM/H and 260 feet radio control range accelerated by 390 motor and 7.4V powerful batteries. Two rechargeable batteries supplied in the gift box permit an over 30 mints playtime.

It’s an attractive RC truck under 150 dollars with four wheels drive chassis employs metal diff, high grip tires, four top LEDs ball bearings, a full-scale roll cage, and a serviceable spare wheel. Ideal RC is accessible to sand, concrete surface, beaches, off-road and on-road terrains.

Full proportional radio-controlled system performs with no signal interference. It has a good combination of exquisite design and refined materials in the finest workmanship. It will cast spell on users at different ages, under 150 a perfect RC truck for kids, boys, and adults.

What We Like
  • Bright Top LEDs.
  • Detachable roll cage.
  • Vibrant Color scheme.
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited Life.

Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck Ready to Run

Tacon Thriller Short Course Truck Ready To Run

The Tacon thriller short course great little truck can bring a lot of fun in your backyard. This truck is ready to Run includes a 2.4GHz radio system that has an amazing frequency to set up your radio automatically while you are focused on handling the machine. It has adjustable mini solar 655 servos with saver and 12mm wheel hexes.

All-terrain treaded tires and off-road style wheels. Thriller short course rear and front metal-geared make it sturdy and affectionate. It has a very durable entry-level. It has a brushed Tacon ESC with 380 brushed motors. This RC truck has a 7.2V 1100mAh NIMH battery with 3.5mm gilded round connectors.

What We Like
  • All-terrain Treaded Tires.
  • Thick Composite Chassis.
  • Automatic frequency setup.
What We Don’t Like
  • Brushed motor.

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SUBOTECH 1:10 Large Size RC Truck

SUBOTECH 1:10 Large Size RC Truck

Since creation, Subotech RC Truck has become the desire of most RC lovers because of representation as well as features. This RC Truck under 150 dollars is a high-quality truck, produced according to the ratio of 1:10, equipped with 2 Li-Po Rechargeable batteries, and the material is good.

So your family and friends can enjoy better than one battery. Engineering nylon, bottom member, and rocker arm can strengthen the high-speed truck capacity in anti-collision and beat- resistance.

Subotech can quickly reach 45+km/h (30mph) with strong magnetic motors, high torque servos, micro bearings, metal drive shafts, and other high -quality components. Having four wheels makes it an independent suspension system.

Tires are made of high-quality rubber, uneven tire texture which increases friction, hollow design, and strong grip. This makes it a suitable RC truck under $150 for sand, beaches, roads, hillsides, grass, rocks, cement roads, smooth ground, etc.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting Battery.
  • IPX4 Waterproof function.
  • Sturdy front and rear bumper.
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited turn Radius.

Buying Guideline for the Best RC Truck Under 150 Dollars

Deciding what you want before you purchase will ensure you don’t spend money unnecessarily. Without going into too much detail, let’s know what you all look for the best RC Trucks under 150 for Kids as well as adults.


Deciding which one to go for can be a little overwhelming, but buying a reputable brand is your best bet. That’s why all the RC’s under 150 on the list come from brands that I know and trustfully. In a case, if something breaks or happens to your RC Truck, you can be sure that the customer service is top-notch.

The Model  Car, Truck Or Buggy

The most significant thing about buying a truck is what you are going to buy. You must know rather you are going to buy a Car, Truck, or Buggy.
Two types of trucks are common:
1. Monster Truck
2. Stadium Truck

Cars have huge tires and suspension - often with the ability to take down anything in their path. Trucks are speedy and spectacular. RC trucks can be drift, rally, or on-road trucks.

Trucks are great for racing on roads, hard surfaces, and flat surfaces but not made for serious off-road adventures. Buggies are a great all-rounder. They are not good on roads but can be fast in the right hands.


In best RC’s under 150 Ni-MH or Li-Po are two batteries. Ni-MH is easier to use but less powerful whereas Li-Po will make a huge distinction to speed.

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Brushless motors are most efficient and will give your RC truck an extra boost of power rather than of brushed motors.

Electronic Speed Control (ESC)

ECSs control how fast the motor runs. A brushed motor requires a brushed ECS and a brushless motor needs a brushless ECS. Brushless ESCs are more advanced, it has features such as anti-lock braking and signal loss protection.

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2WD or 4WD

The 2wd truck is cheaper, more durable, and easier to main but offers less in way of speed. 4WD is stable, grippe, and more aggressive in style.

Final Verdict

These monster trucks are perfect partners that help you to conquer all kinds of terrains and racing against opponents. The technology of RC Truck has gone through huge advancements in the last few years and now you can go for an amazing model at affordable price tags. If you are starting your journey of RC trucks then staying under 150 is the best recommendation.

Out of our best RC truck under 150 dollars picks, you can bash around any of these. They are bound to provide you with exceptional speed and are great for beginners. So, let’s try one for yourself.

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