Best Way To Hang RC Car On Wall

For some people, Remote Controlled cars are just a toy. But for some others, it’s a form of passion. A real collector will always end up having a pile of RC cars of different configurations, brands, categories, etc., in his possession.

Lying on the floor of a storage unit or just being left on a pile will always reduce the quality of the car. If you are passionate about RC cars, you will want to preserve your car’s quality. When quality preservation adds up with a suitable display of your collection, you are definitely going to love it more.

Best Way To Hang RC Car On Wall

On the other hand, if you are a parent of a child who simply loves RC cars, a great idea to store those cars will be very helpful in your case. This article is going to walk you through the best way to hang RC car on wall.

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Types of Wall You Can Hang Your RC Car on

Any wall that is strong enough to bear the holder and the weight of the car can be used for hanging RC cars.

Storeroom wall

If storing and preserving the cars are the only targets, hanging them in the storeroom wall can be a good choice. It won’t mess with your interior decoration and will be easily accessible at the same time.

Garage wall

Using garage walls will allow you to utilize a lot of space and open up a more comprehensive range of options for you. Even if you want to work on repairing an RC car, you can get access to the tools quickly.

Interior wall

To show off your collection, interior walls are the best option. You can use your living room’s wall. Hanging them in a certain way to grab a visitor’s attention is also a good idea.

The walls of your kids’ room can also be used. It will allow easy access for them. The setup can also be a part of the decoration of their room.

With all this being said, any stable weight-bearing wall can be used to hang your RC cars.

Ways to Hang RC Cars

There are different methods to hang RC on walls. Depending on the type of car, you can choose a suitable method. You can either hang them vertically, horizontally or even parts-wise if they have removable parts.

There is a wide variety of RC car hanging accessories available in the market. Most of them are easy to install as they come hand in hand with a manual. But it’s a possibility that you can find them quite expensive. In that case, you can make a DIY hanger or use interior storing as a wall hanger for RC cars.

DIY Hangers

Using woods and nails can be the easiest way to hang your cars in the wall. You can also make shelves with boxes.

Wood Rods or Nails

First, grab a long piece of wood or plywood length-wise. Attach it to the wall with nails. Now, grab long nails, which can hold the cars properly, and nail them in the wood pair-wise.

Make sure the gaps between the paired nails are enough to hold the suspension rod in place from two sides. It’ll help to hold the car vertically.

Using steel rods

In this process, wood rods can be replaced by steel rods. Using screw nails, we can attach these steel rods to the wall and hang RC cars.


In this process, you can use some boxes that you can make from scratch. You can even use spare office boxes that can hold the car’s weight and install them on your wall vertically. You’ll get yourself a DIY RC car holder. You can paint or decorate these boxes according to your personality and choice.

Not only office boxes, but you also can use wood, plywood, steel plate, cardboard, even thrown away plastic boxes. It’s pretty easy to work with them.

You can give mold their shapes and sizes according to your RC cars. You can decorate them using your spare staff. And most importantly, you can install them easily on the wall.

Following these methods, your RC cars will not only be hanging on a wall but will also be something to display to any visiting RC car enthusiast proudly.

Store-bought Tools

Many store-bought hangers, boxes, and shelves can help you hang the RC cars on the wall. In this case, you won’t have to make them from starch.

Rods or Hangers

You can buy rods like Ikea Fintorp rods and hooks to install on your wall. They come in a longer shape. So, you can hang at least two to three cars at a time using a single rod. The number of cars actually depends on the size of the car.

Corner Racks

There are different types of corner racks available in the market. These racks can be used to decorate your room. But they are also pretty convenient to hang your RC car on walls. All you need to do is to install it on your wall following the provided instructions.


There are different kinds of shelves available in the market. The best thing about these shelves is you can install them on your wall in different places. They are easy to install and can also be shifted pretty conveniently. At a time, 2-3 RC cars can be hung on the wall using shelves. They come in different shapes and sizes as well

Final Words

Being a collector, you can always be curious about finding the best way to hang an RC car on wall. It helps you get access to your RC cars quickly and is quite a display at the same time.

We hope that the article will be able to help you with your queries. Now you can hang your RC cars on any of your walls at home as per your convenience. You can even take the time to modify the display mechanics so that it is a testament to your creativity and passion for RC cars. We hope you had a fun read!



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