How Long Does It Take To Charge A 7.4v Lipo Battery?

If you overcharge your lipo battery that is not only harmful to the battery but also the vehicle.  The worst part is overcharging can lead to a lipo battery dead & even can create a little blast.

So you must know how long does it take to charge a 7.4v lipo battery. Let’s explore the article to know the ideal process of charging & duration

How Long Does It Take To Charge A 7.4v Lipo Battery

How to Find the ideal Lipo Battery charging time?

To avoid accidents you must know the accurate process of finding the ideal charging time. To count ideal charging time first you need to know the details about lipo batteries number meaning. Let’s explore it.


The letter mAh is indicating the maximum capacity of your battery. Suppose your battery is 5000mAH. That indicates you can ride up to 5000 milliamps after a full charge. Most of the premium & advance battery provides 5000mAH capacity. To get a long-running time capacity is the key fact. 

But also there are some disadvantages of large capacity. Large capacity increases batteries’ weight & size. Also, it makes excessive heat that can damage the motor if you run a high-speed ride for a long duration. So to protect your vehicle’s motor the ideal capacity is 5000-6000mAh.


The letter C represents the safe discharge ratio of your battery. That means how quickly the battery should be discharged to avoid damage. You need to calculate the maximum load-taking capacity of your battery to avoid damages.

To determine maximum battery load calculate capacity in Amps× discharge ratio. The multiplied result is your battery’s maximum load handling capacity. Don’t cross the limit to get a smooth service. Otherwise, there is a chance of bursting out flames & damaging your battery.


Lipo batteries voltage or power is the key element to know the ideal charging duration. Often it won’t be written clearly how much power your battery can produce. Instead of that, it is written as 2 cells or 3cell. Generally, 2 cell indicators 7.4 volts & 3 cells indicate 11.1 volts. This voltage represents the maximum speed of your vehicle. 7.4 volt indicates you can speed up to 7.4-volt power to enjoy the first-speed ride.

7.4V Battery charging time

There is an easy & simple formula to calculate the ideal charging time of a lithium battery. That is given below

Charging Time= Capacity/Current

If your capacity is represented as an amp per hour then keep current is amps. It is better to convert capacity from milliamps into amps.

Then find out the current for a 100ah battery.

Current= 100Ah× 10/100 = 10amps

Because the current is 10% of the capacity of the battery. Considering some drops we can consider it 11-12amps. We took 12 amps to calculate this example duration.

Charging time for 100Ah battery = 100Ah/12A= 8.3 hr.

This duration is indicating for ideal cases time. But based on the charger & various losses the time increases. You may add 30-40% current loss to find the real charging time.

Current loss = 100× (40/100)= 40amps after 40% loss.

Capacity + loss = 100+ 40= 140Ah

Now, real charging time= 140ah/12 A

The result is 11.66 hrs. That means you need nearly 11.66 hrs to charge your lipo battery if the capacity is 100Ah. Basically, your charging time depends on capacity.


  • To avoid damage don’t overcharge your battery.
  • Use lipo compatible charger.
  • Consider current drop while calculating charging time.

Final Thought

I guess now you got the answer how long does it take to charge a 7.4v lipo battery. I guess this easy & simple charging time calculation method will solve your problems. Don’t avoid these tricks because overcharging is very dangerous for your battery.

Follow our tips & tricks to keep your battery fit & durable. To derive an amazing ride knowing your battery is essential. We try to discuss details about the lipo battery. It will help to know how the battery works safely.



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