How To Break In A Brushed RC Motor?

We all know that the motor is the driving force of your RC. When the motor fails to function properly, the car will stop running. Therefore, maintenance of motors is essential, especially when it comes to brushed RC motors. They need continuous maintenance if you want excellent performance at a constant rate.

But you cannot do a thing about cleaning these motors if you do not know how to break in a brushed RC motor. That is why we are giving you detailed information about breaking in the motors through this article.

We will recommend you to read this article from up to bottom so that any small information does not leave behind.

How To Break In A Brushed RC Motor?

RC Motor Break In Methods

RC motors are very powerful. They run the vehicle efficiently. Therefore. Manufacturers make them so durable that you cannot remove the seal of the motors or cannot take them apart. Hence you have to work with it. Any traditional method of cleaning or break-in won’t do a thing. But two methods are popular for these Brushed RC motors, which are the dry and wet method. Let’s discuss both of these methods, and you can choose which one is suitable for you.

Wet Break-in Method

You can probably guess using water or solvent-type compounds in the wet process, and you are right. The wet method is the most preferable one from the experts because of its efficiency and a higher percentage of success. In the old days, there was a myth about brushed motors: do not water break in the motors. But those RC motors do not exist anymore. On top of that, the wet break-in method is more efficient than the other ones.

Tools Required

  • Electronic contact cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • The distilled water of you does not have alcohol.
  • Motor bearing oil
  • A couple of D-sized batteries
  • Hook-up wires
  • A container where the whole process will take place

How to Proceed

The steps of the wet break-in method are pretty simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Remove the Motor

At first, the motor is needed to remove from your RC. You cannot break in any brushed motor when it is still connected to the mainframe of the RC.

Clean External Dirt

When you remove the motor, there must be external dirt on the surface of the motor. As the motor is sealed, you have to clean the surface first. Then further process should take place.

Set Up the Batteries

Two D-sized batteries are needed to power up the motor, which you can get from a flashlight. Connect them in series with hook-up wires. The hook-up wires will connect the positive and negative end with the motor.

Get the Container

The container can be a bowl or jar, which should be large enough to contain the motor with a lot of water. Then pour it with distilled water or rubbing alcohol. Now, you have to place the motor into the bowl. The solvent is used to clean the motor quickly. Another advantage is that the water will adsorb the heat-producing from the motor and reduce the noise.

Connect the Motor with the Batteries

Now, connect the positive and negative end of the batteries with the motor to power it up. You will see the bubbles while the motor is running. The water will reach every corner of the sealed motor to clean it up.

Wait For 20 To 30 Minutes

After some time you will notice that the water is getting dirty. It means the method is working. You have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes to clean up all the carbon particles and other dirt.  

Spray the Cleaner to Dry It

Get the contact cleaner and spray it into the motor. It will help to remove all the water which is stuck inside the motor. When you see all the water is being removed, wrap it with tissue or a towel.

Apply the Oil

It is time to oil the brushes. You can see them both at the front and backside. Just drop one or two drops of bearing oil and rotate the brush with your hand. Also, you can drop some of it into the motor. Then spin the motor a few times, and it is ready to perform.

Dry Break-in Method

You don’t have to use any solvent like water in the dry break-in method. If the wet break-in method is too messy for you, it is the best option.

Tools Required

  • Throttle trim
  • Your RC radio connection for batteries
  • Electronic contact cleaner
  • Motor bearing oil

These simple tools can complete the process.


All you need to do is to follow these simple steps, and your job is done.

Unbolt the Motor

At first, get the motor unbolted from the transmission and clean the external dirt.

Connect With the Radio

Now, connect the motor with the radio transmission system to power up the batteries.

Use the Throttle Trim

When the motor is powered up, you need to keep it at low voltage. It is because, in low voltage, the motor will allow losing all the dirt.

Wait and Wait

You have to wait for 20 minutes while the motor is spinning.

Use the Spray

When the spin is done, get the spray and use it into the motor. The spray will remove all the carbon particles and dirt.

Get the Oil inside the Motor

Use the bearing oil into the motor and the brush. Then spin it a couple of times with your hand. The brushed motor is ready to rock.

Final Words

If you neglect the maintenance of your RC brushed motors, it will not give you proper performance, and you cannot even enjoy the racing. It is essential to clean your RC motors with a proper schedule. This article has shown you how to break in a brushed RC motor. Now, it is your job to try the methods on your own. Take care of the RC if you love racing.



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