How To Charge Venom Battery On Traxxas Charger?

The majority of people are confused about how to charge Venom battery on Traxxas charger. As a result, it reduces your battery life & creates a lot of damage. To remove your confusion we are going to share the right charging process of a venom battery using a Traxxas charger. You will also learn,

  • Ideal venom battery charging process using Traxxas charger.
  • Why is Traxxas charger the best for venom batteries?
  • And many more!
How To Charge Venom Battery On Traxxas Charger

How To Charge Venom Battery On Traxxas Charger?

The battery is the life of your vehicle. It is highly essential to know the right charging process of your battery to derive an outstanding ride. When you charge your battery in an appropriate way that will improve your riding experience.

Traxxas chargers are one of the versatile & best-performing chargers. It is compatible with a venom battery. To charge your venom battery Traxxas charger is outstanding. Some people have a misconception that the Traxxas charger is unable to charge other batteries.

But the truth is Traxxas charger is highly efficient & suitable for any battery like venom. So if you already have Traxxas chargers you don’t require to buy an extra charger for a venom battery. Traxxas offers a 2/3S balancing port which is located near the charging port. To charge other types of battery you can use this plug to charge them.

Basically, this port is hidden behind the traxxas charger logo on the onward position. After removing the logo you will find the port. To charge the venom battery uses a screwdriver to remove the logo. After charging you can swap your logo back.

Not only venom you can charge any type of battery using a Traxxas charger.

Traxxas offers ID technology. That supports a safe, faster & easy charging facility. This technology can automatically recognize battery types, voltage & capacity. Simply touch the start button and the charger will automatically start its functionality.

This advanced technology allows charging different brand batteries even multiple batteries at once by manual setting. You can simply set the battery type & charging rate that’s all for starting a safe charging. The best part is it allows you to charge two different brands & different capabilities batteries at once to make your work simpler.

How long does the Traxxas charger need to charge the venom Battery?

When you charge a venom lipo battery you should know how long you need to charge. Because overcharging may damage your battery. You need to charge the battery in a certain period to make it fully charged.

Generally, the Venom lipo battery takes 60-70 minutes to fully charge the battery. But based on charger type & battery capacity this time can vary. The simple way to measure how long your battery needs to charge is to put it charging & monitor it crucially. When it becomes full mark the duration & mark it as your regular charging time. It helps to avoid so many accidents.

What happens if you charge lipo battery with NiMH charger

Well, both lipo & NiMH have their specially designed charger. You can use a lipo battery charger to charge different lipo batteries when you use a Traxxas charger. But it is not possible to charge Lipo on NiMH charger or vice versa.

If you charge your venom battery using a NiMH charger that not only reduces its life but also can create fire. If you don’t want to damage your battery then never try to mix up the Lipo battery with a NiMH charger. Use a lipo battery charger for charging lipo batteries to get the best result.

Does venom lipo battery last longer than NiMH?

It is a popular confusion among buyers whether lipo or NiMH batteries will last long. Certainly, the lipo battery has a longer run time than the NiMH battery. You can run more mileage with lipo than NiMH after a single charge. But NiMH is more durable than Lipo. It offers more warranty period or long-lasting services than Lipo.

On the contrary, lipo batteries offer better performance, mileage, easy operation & lightweight facility. If you have a good budget it is wise to pick a lipo battery. Specially venom lipo provides many more advanced features than it’s an affordable price.

Also, it is more durable than any other lipo battery. Lipo is powerful & offers a high-speed ride. Only the problem is it can beat NiMH’s durability period. NiMH lasts about 1000 cycles whereas lipo lasts 500-600 cycles.

Why Is The Traxxas Charger The Best For Venom Batteries?

The best part of the Traxxas charger is it is compatible with any other brand charger instead of the traxxas charger. It is both high performers in charging traxxas or venom batteries. For its versatile features, you can save money from buying multiple chargers.

You can charge your multiple vehicle battery with one Traxxas charger. Traxxas brings various price range batteries with different features. Based on your need & budget you can choose the right chargers.  The benefits that most Traxxas chargers provide are given below:

  • Quick charging facility.
  • Powerful charger.
  • Some models support bluetooth.
  • Allow remote monitoring.
  • Easy functionality.
  • The versatile battery supports & dual charging facility without any issues.

Traxxas charger introduces a different type of charger for LiPo and NiMH batteries. Each charger is designed differently that has both advantages & disadvantages. Traxxas Lipo charger is best for lipo battery & NiMH charger is best for NiMH battery.

Charging Tips

When you charge a lipo battery using a traxxas charger it automatically chooses balance charging.

You can also choose a fast mode or store mode. If you want a quick charging facility then select fast mode. But the first mode decreases your vehicle’s run time.

When you select store mode that ensures your charge is 50% remaining for storage. If you want to use your vehicle for a long time like a week then charge using store mode. It helps to hold a charge over a week.

After complete charging, it is wise to check the battery every time to avoid damages. You should wipe out the battery to find out the damage signs. Then store it in a dry & cool place before you start riding.

Final Thought

Now I hope you are clear on how to charge the venom battery on the Traxxas charger. If you follow the above process it will keep your battery fine & makes it long-lasting.  As Traxxas charger allows non- brand & multi-charging facility it is a value-worthy choice for your vehicle.



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