How To Mount RC Body Without Holes?

Suppose you want to build an RC on your own but do not want to drill any holes. Hence how can you do the job? Well, we know having holes in an RC body makes it a more durable design.

But sometimes it goes messy, and the body looks not so good. That’s why many people prefer to mount RC bodies without holes. Using magnets is the alternative way to mount the body. This article is going to show you how to mount RC bodies without holes using magnets.

How To Mount RC Body Without Holes?

But will it be durable, having no support? It’s pretty normal to think in this way. Do not worry about it, and we recommend seeing its durability by yourself.

Mount RC Body without Holes

When you are passionate about building an RC, build the chassis and mount the body. The most common way to mount an RC body is to drill holes and then put the screws in them. But that’s a complex process, and sometimes you might forget to mark the holes and might have a tough time making post marker holes. Mounting of an RC body is also possible with magnetic body clips. That process is far easier than drilling holes, and it is also less messy.

How To Mount An RC Body Without Holes?

After you complete building the chassis, you should cut a body to mount on the chassis.

Tools That You Will Need

At first, you need to buy the necessary tools for that. Any E-commerce site or hobby shop will sell magnetic body clips for RC, which is not very expensive. Then, you would need posts or stands to keep the body at a distance from the chassis.

While building the chassis, you might have already placed the stands. But there is no harm to buy some extra as it may need to mount the body.

A screwdriver would help to open those body clips. If you have an RC, you would have the screwdriver and the stands. A stick glue is needed to stick the caps with the body.

The Procedure

Mainly, there are four posts or stands on a chassis. Hence, you have to buy four magnetic clips from the shop.

Check the Screws

Sometimes the screws of those clips might be loose. It would be better to double-check the screws.

Build the Body

Cut the body according to the size of the chassis. You could buy RC body from nearby hobby shops, or custom-made body can be ordered.


Make sure that the stands are high enough from the chassis. You should make use of the extra stands if the previous ones are not long enough so that you get a chance to see what is going on there.

Place the Clips

Then, place the clips on the stands. If you have thin posts or stands, you should use the arc clips to secure the connection. Therefore, using thick stands is the best option.

Tight the Screws

When you are done placing four of the clips, you should tighten the screws, or else the connection will stay loose.

Detach the Caps

With each of the magnetic clips, you will find magnetic caps. Remove the caps from the body.

Mark the Body

Now, get the body and place it on the chassis. Then get the caps on those points where the stands are placed. As both sides are magnets, they will attach automatically. You might think, why not letting body mounted in this position. Well, that will be a fool’s job. If you let the body mounted like this, it will easily fall from the chassis whenever it faces any bumps.

Mark the Opposite Side

When you have marked the points, it won’t be easy to place the glue on the opposite side. Therefore, you will need a flashlight to see the points. If the light is not available around, you can use a pencil. But how? Just turn the car upside down and mark the spots inside the body.

Get the Glue

If you are sure the marks are in the correct position, then it is time to stick the caps with the help of the glue. Just make sure that you do not place too much glue on the magnetic caps. Then let the glue dry for some time, or it will not attach properly.

Double Check the Setting

As the caps are placed right in their place, you should check the connection goes right or not. When you secure the caps with the body, mount them on the chassis. Try to detach the body with a bare hand and check if there are any loose ends. You can try some test drives on bumpy roads or racing tracks. After ensuring that the mounted body will last on the chassis, you can use the RC for racing.


You will have several benefits if you mount the RC body in this process. First of all, the process is very simple, and the materials you will use are cheap. The magnets will be invisible inside the body so that they won’t demolish the body design. You can easily change the body any time you want. That is because it can be removed with less effort as it is attached just by the magnets.


We recommend some tips which will be beneficial to you while mounting the body of your RC. When you are attaching the stands, make sure they have the proper length to keep the body separate from the chassis. Do not put extra glues on the magnetic caps or reduce the caps’ magnetic power. Ensure the marks you have put for the caps are in the right place. You don’t have to hurry for the job. Just do it slowly but efficiently.

Final Words

We have discussed the method of how to mount RC body without holes and benefits it. The process is easy and efficient enough that you can apply it to your RC. If you are having troubles during the process, get help from the tips we have recommended. Wish you good luck.



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