XT60 Vs XT90 Connectors| Compare & Contrast

When you are going to purchase RC connectors a common confusion arises between xt60 vs xt90. Which RC battery connector is best? Well, after intense research we are going to share the best battery connector for your battery.

In this RC Valleys guide, you’ll learn:

  • Comparison table between xt60 vs. xt90 connector.
  • Difference between two connectors
  • Similarity
  • And many more!
XT60 Vs XT90 Connectors

Quick Comparison

Highest amp60 amps90 amps
InstallIt takes medium effort. You need soldering but simple to solder.You need medium efforts.
UseIt is easy to plug-in.It is fun to directly connect the battery & plug it into the charger.
DurabilityToo much long-lastingHighly durable.
SizeSmall.Bit larger.
CostCheaper, only 1$Bit expensive, 1.50$ each.

Differences Between XT60 Connector Vs XT90 Connector


Edge: XT90

Xt 60 offers maximum amp up to 60 amps. On the other hand, XT 90 delivers up to 90 amps. Obviously, XT90 is more powerful than XT60. Xt 90’s awesome performance proves it’s worth the value. Basically, XT 90 is for those batteries that are over 4000W.

The general battery can only sustain power up to 40 amps. So it is wise to use xt 90 connectors as the main power connection & xt 60 for the charging connector. It will avoid you from wasting, burst or so many issues. Both xt 60 & xt 90 are high quality connectors.

You can’t skip any of them. The built quality, performance & durability everything is up to the mark. That’s why xt connector is becoming a popular choice for RC owners.


Edge: XT90

The main difference between xt 60 & xt 90 is its sizes. Basically, xt connectors offer two different sizes with 95% similar features. The main difference is xt 60 is a bit smaller than the xt 90 models. You can use xt 60 for 14 or 12 ga wires. This type of connector is highly popular for e.bikes like RC cars.

Xt 90 is a bit larger version of xt 60. It fits 10ga wire.


Edge: None

Well, both xt 60 & xt 90 is fun to use. It is effortless to use in your battery. For xt 60 you should cover the solder joint with 5 mm heat shrink.  The soldering process is hard but not too complex. Then activate it as the charging connector to the battery. You should attach it on the female pair to the battery side. The best part is XT connectors are moisture resistant.

But to use xt 90 you need to cover with 6 mm heat shrink on the solder joint. Heat shrink is cheaper & you need to place it between the battery & controller. Though it is designed exclusively on the male pins yet people love to fix it to the female connector to the battery side.


Edge: XT60

Well, xt connectors are a long-lasting product. The features & performance worth every penny you invest in it. Both at 60 & xt 90 are high performing & long-lasting connectors. But xt 60 is comparatively cheaper than xt 90.

Yet xt 90 offers amazing performance but xt 60 is unbeatable compared to the low price. This small charging connector is capable of providing a sufficient capacity of up to 60 amps. That is good for Rc cars. Generally, a normal e.bike does not require more than 60 amps capacity.

Also,  xt 60 is only $1 per piece that is really cheap. For charging xt 60 is enough. But for excessive load xt 90 is better.


Edge: None

To install xt 60 & xt 90 you need to solder it. As the lipo battery is very sensitive to heat you must remain alert. To do soldering you need the below tools.

  • Soldering iron.
  • Wire.
  • Connector.
  • Solder wire.
  • Plier or binder clip (optional)
  • Heatshrink.

Take your wires & prepare them by stripping & tinning. Simply slice the insulation with a blade or knife. Strip it only 3-4 m.m.  Apply heat shrink on the wire before starting soldering.

Let’s start tinning by grabbing the solder wire & contact it to the lipo wire. Take your solder iron to touch it & melt the solder onto the wire. You can add some flux to the wire to make the tinning perfect. It assists to keep the solder stick. Only use a little bit of flux as flux can degrade the metal.

After tinning one wire solder it to the connector & apply a heat shrink on it. Then apply the same process to the remaining wires & connect them. It will ensure a safe connection. Now it’s time to solder it to the connector.

Before connecting the wire check the polarity to make sure you do it in the right way. You can use a plier with a rubber band on the wire before putting it to the connector to keep it steady. Repeat the same process for the next wire. Both xt 90 & xt 60 come with a similar installation process which is not much hard.


  • Don’t forget to connect the female end on the battery side. It protects you from unwanted shorts & accidents.
  • Do the soldering one by one at a time. Check the polarity carefully & strip, solder & shrink tube on the negative side. After completing the negative side repeats it for the positive sides.
  • Stay careful in the time of soldering to avoid blasts or damages.

Final Thought

Don’t be confused between XT60 vs XT90. Both are high-performing & durable connectors. Based on your needs & budget you can choose any of them. Remind that e.bike or Rc cars do not require more than 60amps capacity. Rather the charger can hold up to 30-40 amps only.

If you are on a budget & looking for charging connectors then go for XT60. The best part is you don’t need to worry about its quality. Satisfaction guaranteed.



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